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Tuesday, December 1

Final period announced for remote students to switch to face-to-face classes | The NY Journal

After five weeks having started the stepwise process of 1,800 schools reopened of New York, this Monday the mayor Bill de Blasio revealed that of the 1.1 million students in the Big Apple, only 280,000 are taking face-to-face classes, which is equivalent to 25% of the school population.

The figure is not only very far from the more than 510,000 students that he Department of Education (DOE) expected to receive in person amid the reactivation of the city, after the COVID-19 pandemic, but shows that the mayor the flute has not sounded with the vast majority of children and their parents (75%), who have chosen not to send the little ones to schools.

And with the hope that more students will join combined school and face-to-face programs, the Mayor announced that between November 2 and 15Those parents who wish to make changes to the virtual teaching method their children are in to face-to-face or combined can do so.

Time to give parents and children a chance to go back to school if they are totally remote at this time, “he commented De Blasio, adding that the rate of positive cases of COVID-19 in schools, of only 0.15%, is the best proof that schools are safe places for children.

“Now that they have seen the school in operation for a month, they have had a chance to see how we operate. Parents now have a lot more information and I understand any parent who would like more information before making a decision, well now that we have been able to show how they are working our schools, it is time (for them to join) the participation period (face-to-face) ”, said the president.

The burgomaster He also referred to the attendance that students have had in the new school year and revealed that the figure is of the order of 85.1%, compared to 91% there used to be before the pandemic.
“Given the pandemic and the extraordinary number of disorders, it is not a bad number, but we want that number to increase. So we have work to do ”, he highlighted De Blasio, mentioning that the average attendance to classes in person is of the 82.9%.

The Chancellor of Education, Richard Carranza He admitted that the schools are not yet at the point of attendance or face-to-face participation that they want to reach, but he was confident that it will happen soon.

We are lower than we anticipate in terms of in-person students and we know that the families initially had doubts. We always knew it, but now we can prove it. There is no replacement for in-person learning and it is safe to do so, ”Carranza said. “For this reason we invite all families who want to return to learning in person to do so during this period of participation “.

The official warned that to transfer from a remote program to face-to-face, there are several alternatives, in order to facilitate this process for parents.

“Any family that wants to switch from a remote to a mixed learning environment can do so, simply by completing an online form and making their choice clear. We will also make sure it is available in schools and in multiple languages, and registration can also be completed over the phone, “said the DOE chief, warning that parents who do not make the change now, They will no longer be able to do so in future dates after November 15, as said before.

This will be the only time to enter. Let me repeat it: this will be the only time to participate, which is a change from what we had originally said during the summer. We believe this is best for the sake of stability for all students, families, and educators. ” said the Chancellor. “We urge any family considering it to take this opportunity to do so now. We have seen the tremendous benefits of in-person education, and the direct access to mental health support for those who have experienced trauma in the past few months is simply unmatched in person. “

Karina Rodriguez, who has her 8-year-old daughter taking lessons remotely, was annoyed with the announcement, assuring that it is a way to pressure families to send their children to classes, even if they have doubts.

“I don’t like that first they say one thing and then another. They had told me that at any time of the year I could change one way or another without problem and now they come out with that, “said the Dominican mother. Upper Manhattan. “I am not going to send my daughter yet because I am afraid, but now the problem is that if next year I am going to want to send her I will not be able to. Forced nothing is good“.

NYC schools in numbers since reopening

  • 1.1 million students are registered
  • 280,000 students are attending classes in person
  • 85.3% is the overall average attendance since the school year began
  • 82.9% is the attendance rate for face-to-face classes
  • 85.5% is the remote class attendance rate
  • 91% was the average school attendance before the pandemic
  • 0.15% have been positive cases of COVID-19 found in schools
  • 1.74% is the average of total infections in the city in the last 24 hours
  • 1.73% is the consolidated infection rate of the last 7 days

Where to change the class mode and know the status of each school

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