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Thursday, November 26

Dr Juan Rivera says others do not dare coronavirus

  • Dr Juan Rivera surprises with a publication on social networks
  • Renowned cardiologist says what others don’t dare about coronavirus
  • “The virus is not our greatest barrier …”, he said

Got mad? Just hours after he warned of the alarming increase in coronavirus cases, Dr Juan Rivera says what others do not dare about this terrible disease.

It was through their social networks that the renowned cardiologist and medical correspondent of Univision surprised everyone with an unexpected publication.

From the fact that Dr Juan Rivera wrote his message on a black background, he gave his followers much to think about.

Instagram PHOTOS of Dr Juan Rivera

“The pandemic has been much more predictable than human behavior in this reality. The virus is not our greatest barrier; We are ourselves”.

Contrary to other occasions, now the Univisión medical correspondent did not respond to the comments of his followers, who did not allow much time to express their points of view after reading this unexpected message.

“The human being is not to be imprisoned for so long, this has spread and businesses and their owners are losing everything they have worked for in a lifetime. You have to open with caution, but you have to open, and whoever does not want to leave, should not leave.

For their part, several people agreed with Dr Juan Rivera on what he thinks is happening with respect to the coronavirus: “Finally someone said it”, “A truth bigger than a cathedral”, “Right! And whoever says the things that really must be done is demonized and criticized ”.

And while one person told the cardiologist, “Get over it, doc,” someone else shared the following opinion:

“Until we do our part, this is getting worse every day, may God take care of us and give us clarity on this long road.”


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