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Thursday, November 26

Biden seems to forget Trump’s first name, who makes fun of him

(Washington) Donald Trump questioned Monday the capabilities of his Democratic rival Joe Biden, who, during an intervention filmed the night before, appeared to have forgotten the first name of the Republican president.

France Media Agency

“Joe Biden called me George last night. He could not remember my name, “tweeted Donald Trump who nicknamed his opponent” Joe Sleeping “and often suggests that he could suffer, at 77, from a kind of senility.

“It took the presenter to help him get out of his interview,” added Donald Trump, accusing the media of “covering” this incident.

The Democratic candidate spoke on Sunday evening during a virtual concert in support of his campaign. “Four more years with George…, George…” he started before pausing.

“If Trump is re-elected, we will find ourselves in another world,” he continued, sitting next to his wife Jill Biden.

The video clip looped on Monday in conservative media, which wondered if Joe Biden was referring to former President George W. Bush or his father George Bush.

The Democrat is known for his repeated blunders. A former stutterer, he also assumes a speech defect.

But for his opponents, his slips reveal a decline in form. Donald Trump even accused him of taking medication and called for a doping test before their first debate.

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