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Monday, November 23

Angry Trump, Covid-19 and Supreme Court on “This is America”

Donald Trump, October 23, 2020. – JIM WATSON / AFP

Ask for the program! With This is America, its daily meeting of international news, 20 Minutes best briefs you to follow the American campaign from day to day. This Monday, we look at a colorful interview, the coronavirus returning to the White House and the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court.

The interview, you like it or you leave it

It’s an interview that has been talking about her for several days. Donald Trump’s interview with journalist Lesley Stahl in the legendary show 60 Minutes aired Sunday night on CBS, but that was counting without the President. He cut the grass from under the chain by posting the video on his social networks on Thursday. Donald Trump’s goal? To prove “the biased point of view, hatred and rudeness of 60 Minutes and CBS ”to him.

On the images uploaded by Donald Trump, we can hear Lesley Stahl asking in the preamble of the interview: “Are you ready for tough questions?” The sequence that makes the most talk across the Atlantic is at the very end of the interview, when the president decides to end the interview after a pass of arms with the journalist. Donald Trump simply gets up and walks away, leaving Lesley Stahl like two blanks. We let you judge for yourself.

« It follows »

We do not change a winning team … The coronavirus is making a comeback at the White House. After Donald Trump himself was infected three weeks ago, it is now the turn of Mike Pence’s entourage to test positive. At least five people from the vice-president’s close guard have been infected, we learned over the weekend. Among them, his chief of staff, Marc Short, one of his closest advisers, Marty Obst, and his private secretary, Zach Bauer.

Against all expectations, Mike Pence’s team still indicated that the vice president’s agenda would remain unchanged, even though he was in contact with infected people in recent days. He must therefore go to the Capitol on Monday, in order to preside over the confirmation vote in the Senate of Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. He will then resume his campaign trips without quarantining himself.

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows was forced to admit on Sunday that not only the executive would have liked the new infections not to be publicized, but also that the government does not want to contain the epidemic but rather, provide drugs and a vaccine. Remember that Mike Pence is in charge of managing the coronavirus epidemic in the United States. A little over a week before the election, if he tests positive for Covid-19 (he is currently negative) and infects other people, this ultimate misstep could be fatal in the camp republican.

Your mission, if however you accept it

It’s the big night. New Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, appointed by Donald Trump, is expected to be confirmed by the Republican-majority Senate on Monday evening. She will become the sixth conservative judge out of nine to be part of the highest court in the United States and is expected to sit there on Tuesday.

As expected, the Democrats, in a minority in the Senate, will therefore not have succeeded in preventing the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a progressive icon who died on September 18. However, they tried to use the public confirmation hearings of the new judge to campaign for their champion: Joe Biden, and especially against Donald Trump.

In particular by asking Amy Coney Barrett about her views on the health system [alors que l’épidémie de nouveau coronavirus est particulièrement dévastatrice aux Etats-Unis et que la Cour suprême devra se pencher sur le sujet dès novembre], abortion or the rights of LGBT people. By attacking the judge appointed by Donald Trump on these subjects, will the Democrats have hit the mark in American public opinion?

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