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Tuesday, December 1

Teachers will have a “clear framework” from the ministry for the start of the school year

The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, in Paris on October 22, 2020. – ISA HARSIN / SIPA

Faced with the tragedy of Conflans, the Minister of National Education does not intend to leave the teachers in doubt. Jean-Michel Blanquer indeed ensures in the JDD that there will be a “clear framework” to respond to the concerns of teachers about the start of the November 2 school year. The goal is to accompany them in the speech to be given to the students on the savage assassination of their colleague Samuel Paty.

A minute of silence

“The trade unions (…) asked me for a clear and precise framework so as not to leave any teacher in the dark. This framework, we are going to build it together for the first day of the school year, but also over time, in the sense of strengthening the values ​​of the Republic ”, explains the Minister of Education. The day of November 2 in secondary will thus be broken down into “three stages”. A first phase will allow teachers to prepare, “which will slightly delay the start of the school year”; a second phase, with the pupils, will be dedicated to the reaffirmation of the “principles of the school and of the Republic”; and a third stage will bring together, in the courtyard, pupils, teachers and “school partners” for a minute of silence and the reading of the “Letter to teachers” by Jean Jaurès.

At primary school, there will also be “a pedagogical time”, the terms of which must be discussed with the unions, and a minute of silence in elementary school, adds Jean-Michel Blanquer. On the other hand, it evokes a simple “calm time” in kindergarten.

The minister also assures us that “all the problems linked to secularism and violence” should in the future be reported and expresses the wish that the death of Samuel Paty will allow “a collective awareness”. “Sometimes the problem also comes from families. We must therefore find this iron rule: parents do not get involved in pedagogy. And any aggression by a parent must be followed by a reaction from the institution, ”adds the Minister.


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