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Tuesday, December 1

Obama accuses Trump of having “completely messed up” in his management of Covid-19

Barack Obama in meeting for Joe Biden, his former vice-president – Lynne Sweet / AP / SIPA

The election is approaching in the United States and as a result, tongues are becoming increasingly loose. Lover of punchlinesGood Sunday and aim instead: former US President Barack Obama on Saturday accused his successor Donald Trump of having “completely screwed up” in his management of Covid-19, during a meeting in support of Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Miami , in Florida. “Eight months after the start of this pandemic, new cases are still breaking records,” he said.

“This pandemic would have been difficult to manage for any president”, “but the idea that this White House did anything other than screw up completely is absurd”, he added ten days before the election presidential election of 3 November.

“He is not even able to protect himself”

In front of Floridians who came by car for this meeting in “drive-in” format, which punctuated his speech with honking, the first black president of the United States criticized the Republican billionaire for still not having a plan to fight the coronavirus.

“Donald Trump is not suddenly going to protect us. He is not even able to take the most basic precautions to protect himself, ”he quipped, three weeks after the hospitalization of the president-candidate who had contracted Covid-19.

The call to Florida

“He does not even recognize that there is a problem,” added Barack Obama, in response to the ex-real estate mogul who again predicted Saturday, during a meeting in North Carolina, that ‘we would no longer hear about the pandemic the day after the election.

This is the second meeting in a few days for the former Democratic president, of which Joe Biden was the vice-president. He called for the mobilization of his camp in Florida, a key state which voted for him in 2008 and 2012 but which Donald Trump won in 2016. “You elected me twice, Florida. Now I ask you to elect Joe ”, he hammered.


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