Covid: in the North of England, Boris Johnson's method is no longer successful - The Canadian
Sunday, November 29

Covid: in the North of England, Boris Johnson’s method is no longer successful

From Manchester to Liverpool, many Britons voted for him. Affected more than others by the Covid, they consider themselves betrayed by the Prime Minister.

This is a hearing that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would have gone well. The intervention of epidemiologist John Edmunds before British parliamentarians on October 21 threw an icy chill in the ranks of the ruling Conservatives. “The deaths of this second wave will number in the tens of thousands,” warned the scientist, adding that the pandemic would peak in the north of the country, “in the next four to six weeks”. Poor Northerners, as the inhabitants of these industrious regions are called – the poorest in the country. For three months now, they have undergone partial confinements and local curfews … without convincing results. The number of cases soars: 265,031 on October 21 (source Statista), against 77,839 for the capital. The authorities even estimate that there will no longer be a single resuscitation bed available in Manchester from November 12.

And now this government, which has been unable to manage the situation, announces even stricter rules! The cities of Liverpool and Manchester switch to level 3 – the highest, which involves in particular the closure of bars -, followed by the regions of Lancashire and South Yorkshire, or 7.3 million inhabitants. Justified in terms of health, these measures are, on the other hand, very poorly perceived on the political level. The “northerners” feel they are paying a much heavier price than the more prosperous and less populated southern regions. Kent has only 53 cases per 100,000 inhabitants – 12 times less than Liverpool! Suffice to say that the catastrophist injunctions of Boris Johnson – “we must act quickly” go very badly. A wind of revolt all the more worrying for Bojo as he largely owes his election to these populations …

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