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Thursday, November 26

Virus: more than 10,000 dead in Germany, Merkel calls for “reduce contacts”

Berlin – The death toll from Covid-19 exceeded the symbolic threshold of 10,000 in Germany on Saturday, leading Chancellor Angela Merkel to reiterate her call to reduce social relations as much as possible to curb the contagion.

The agenda is as follows: reduce contact, meet as few people as possible“, underlined the German Chancellor in her weekly podcast Saturday.

The Robert Koch benchmark health watch institute (RKI) counted 10,003 dead on Saturday since the start of the health crisis, 49 more than the day before.

Until then spared by the Covid-19 pandemic, Germany is hit hard by the second wave.

The increase in the number of contaminations led the city of Frankfurt to cancel all of its Christmas markets on Saturday evening.

Our behavior greatly influences the speed at which the virus spreads“, insisted the Chancellor.

Angela Merkel had already solemnly asked her fellow citizens last Saturday to “stay at home” as much as possible.

What will be winter, what will be our Christmas, will be decided in the days and weeks to come“, she warned again, rebroadcasting her speech from last week.

In total, 418,005 people have contracted Covid-19 in this country, or 14,714 additional cases in less than 24 hours, a new daily record also, even if this figure includes cases that had not been recorded the day before due to a technical failure in data transmission.

The previous record was set Thursday, the RKI had then recorded 11,287 new cases in one day.

Robert Koch Institut president Lothar Wieler, widely respected in Germany, said Thursday that the situation in his country was “very serious“, urging the population to respect barrier gestures to contain the progression of the disease.

The virus can spread uncontrollably“in some areas since September, warned Lothar Wieler, explaining that”young people are currently the most exposed to the virus“.

Germany, which had withstood the first wave in the spring rather well, has faced for several weeks, like all European countries, a sharp increase in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Faced with the epidemic rebound, the German authorities have tightened measures against the pandemic, opting in particular for bans on gatherings.

Local restrictions have also been decided, as in Berlin, where the wearing of masks has been imposed on some busy streets. A southern alpine canton, in Bavaria, around Berchtesgaden, was imposed near confinement at the start of the week.

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