SHE DIDN'T BE SILENT! Jorge Ramos's daughter says 'THE IMPENSABLE' about Latinos, after JOE BIDEN's apology to immigrants - The Canadian
Monday, November 30

SHE DIDN’T BE SILENT! Jorge Ramos’s daughter says ‘THE IMPENSABLE’ about Latinos, after JOE BIDEN’s apology to immigrants

  • Paola Ramos published a video on social networks about what happened in the presidential debate
  • “It was something that Latinos wanted to hear,” said the journalist about Biden’s apology
  • This was published through his official Twitter account

Paola Ramos immigrants. After the presidential debate between Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden, the daughter of Jorge Ramos, we spoke to Paola Ramos publicly about Joe Biden’s apology to immigrants.

This he retweeted through his official account Twitter after the count of @telemundonews post the news.

“I think it’s something that a lot of people have been waiting for a long time, Joe Biden said that he understood the pain that had caused why? because we cannot forget that President Obama knows him many people like the deported in chief, because in his administration, more than three million immigrants were reported, I think that many Latinos wanted recognition of the pain they had caused them, “said the journalist about Joe Biden’s apology in the presidential debate where he lamented the failure of immigration policy during the Barack Obama administration.


Immediately followers reacted to Paola Ramos’ immigrant tweet: “That’s why they did nothing and now they blame the current administration for their mistakes,” said a netizen.

Hahaha don’t tell me that she is the daughter of jorgeramosnews apologies are not enough when they sat for 8 years to heat chairs they never did anything and this old man is not going to do it. This is from a psychologist, he does not even know what he says, he just stuttered he spent all night ”, commented another user.

Another of the outstanding comments was where they say: “And now that he apologized, what? Now if we vote for him, well not why believe him, for giving TPS to Venezuelans, look at how they have Colombia, full of crime, they even have crime groups, that is what they want in the USA , I don’t want that, TRUMP 2020 ″.

“What a great novelty what we all already knew … That they did nothing in the immigration of Hispanics during his term”, “Obama created DACA that allowed legal residency to young people who arrived with their parents as children but could not make the reform because the Republicans had the majority in the Senate ”,“ Joe Biden is a rapist ”, were some of the several comments that Paola Ramos received immigrants from the followers.

Currently the tweet has only 5 retweets and a little more than 20 immigrant “likes” Paola Ramos.


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