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Friday, November 27

More clearly than in the first duel: CNN polls Biden as the winner of the TV debate

Presidential election in the news ticker: Clearer than in the first duel: CNN poll sees Biden as the winner of the TV debate

US election 2020 in the news ticker: On November 3, US President Donald Trump is standing for re-election. Former Vice President Joe Biden wants to replace him. Everything you need to know about the 2020 US election can be found in the FOCUS Online news ticker.

CNN poll sees Biden as the winner of the television debate

Friday, October 23, 6:25 a.m .: In the TV debate ahead of the US presidential election, challenger Joe Biden made a better impression than incumbent Donald Trump, according to a poll by CNN. The poll of viewers of the face-to-face meeting on Thursday found that 53 percent saw Biden as the winner. 39 percent saw Trump in front.

When asked about their impression of who answered moderator Kristen Welker’s questions directly, 62 percent named Biden and 31 percent Trump. The question of who had shown the stronger political leader in the debate resulted in a tie of 49 to 49 percent.

The basis of the survey was a telephone survey of 585 registered voters by the SSRS institute. The broadcaster gave the statistical error rate of the survey as 5.7 percent.

After the first television debate at the end of September, 48 percent of viewers saw Biden in a poll by the broadcaster CBS, 41 percent saw Trump.

US authorities confirm: Iran is behind intimidation of democratic voters

2.42 p.m .: Like the transmitter „CNN“ reported that Iran manipulated the US election. At the beginning of the week, for example, potential voters of the democratic party received alleged threatening emails from the right-wing extremist group “Proud Boys”. The emails were sent using digital voter databases owned by Iran. It said: “You will vote for Trump on election day, or we will attack you.” However, as US authorities have now announced, Iran is behind it.

“We have already seen Iran send fake emails aimed at intimidating voters, inciting social unrest and harming President Donald Trump,” said John Ratcliffe, director of US intelligence services

How exactly and which emails had harmed Trump so far, Ratcliffe left open. Ratcliff is particularly controversial among the Democrats because of its proximity to the Republican Party and President Trump. Several times criticism of his person has been loud.

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Republican Romney denied Trump his vote

06:29 am: Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney did not vote for incumbent Donald Trump in the US election. The senator, known as an inner-party critic of Trump, said that to the television channel CNN on Thursday. Romney did not reveal whether he gave his vote to the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. “I didn’t vote for President Trump,” he said simply. Whom his choice fell on, he wanted to “keep to me at this point in time”.

It is also possible that Romney voted for one of the hopeless niche candidates who will be running for the White House on November 3 alongside Trump and Biden when he cast his vote early. Millions of Americans take advantage of the opportunity to vote in specially opened polling stations or by postal vote before election day.

The Republicans ran Romney as a presidential candidate in 2012, when he clearly lost the election against the Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. Meanwhile, the 73-year-old is considered one of the sharpest critics of Trump in the ranks of his party. In the impeachment proceedings against the president, Romney was the only Republican in the Senate to vote earlier this year to impeach Trump for abuse of power. At the time he said that Trump was guilty of “appalling abuse of public trust” in the course of the so-called Ukraine affair.

“Unable to take office seriously” – Obama attacks Trump at rally

Thursday, October 22nd, 6:27 am: Former US President Barack Obama launched tough attacks against incumbent Donald Trump at his first election rally in support of presidential candidate Joe Biden. In a speech in Philadelphia on Wednesday, Obama described the president as “unable to take the job seriously”. The office at the head of the state is “not a reality show. This is reality,” said Obama, referring to Trump’s previous role in the TV series “The Apprentice”.

With drastic words, he accused him of failing to contain the coronavirus pandemic. Trump ignored the pandemic and then made things worse with “incompetence”, “misinformation” and a lack of planning

“We left a pandemic manual”: Obama criticizes Donald Trump sharply

Sending messages on the Internet service Twitter “while sitting in front of the television does not solve the problem,” said Obama of his successor in office. The ex-president appealed to the supporters of his Democratic Party not to believe they were in a false sense of security because of the current positive poll numbers for Biden. “I don’t care about the polls,” Obama said.

He referred to the many misleading polls on the presidential election four years ago that predicted a victory for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton over Trump. At that time, many people had become “lazy and complacent” because of these polls and did not vote. This should not be repeated.

Both in the national polls and in the polls in individual states that are considered to be decisive for the election on November 3, Biden is ahead of Trump. Pollsters assure that they learned from their mistakes four years ago and improved their methods.

In recent months, Obama, highly respected by many Democrats, had backed Biden in video messages, who had served him as Vice President for eight years. The former president also took part in online campaign fundraising events. But now he appeared for the first time directly in front of supporters to support Biden.

Harvard professor warns: Trump could seize power if confused after election

1.53 p.m .: According to Harvard Professor Karl Kaiser, the US presidential election on November 3rd is about nothing other than “the future of American democracy”. Another exercise of Trump’s office while bypassing democratic norms would be a geopolitical shock, he told the “World”.

Kaiser warns: “As someone who grew up in Germany, I see the parallels to the Weimar Republic. I think Weimar conditions in the USA are possible. Trump doesn’t need an enabling law. With the help of his subservient, corrupt Minister of Justice, he could seize power in a situation of confusion created by him in the election. “

Trump’s appearances and his dealings with those who think differently reminded Kaiser of figures like Hitler and Mussolini – especially Trump’s mobilization of white racists: “Democracies can die. It can also happen in the USA. “

Kaiser does not want to predict a Holocaust or a world war: “But I dread the thought that such an uncontrolled and ignorant man has his finger on the nuclear button. Those who are worried like me do not invoke a Hitler regime, but fear the emergence of an authoritarian system. “

“Will attack you”: Democratic voters receive threatening emails shortly before the US election

10.44 a.m .: US Democratic voters in the states of Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida and Alaska were victims of a campaign of intimidation. As the „Washington Post“ reported, voters there apparently received threatening emails from the right-wing extremist group “Proud Boys”. The group achieved international notoriety when the US President asked them in the first round of debates with his opponent Joe Biden to “be ready”.

The e-mails were apparently sent specifically to democratic voters on the basis of digital voter databases. It said: “You will vote for Trump on election day, or we will attack you.” The senders also claimed that they were “in possession of all the personal information” of the voters.

The incident becomes even more explosive because Pennsylvania, Arizona and Florida are all so-called swing states – states in which the presidential race is extremely close and which are therefore decisive for the overall outcome of the US election.

The chairman of the “Proud Boys” in Florida, Enrique Tarrio, rejected the allegations against his organization. The sender of the emails was never used by the group, he emphasized.

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Angry Trump cancels TV interview – and railed against journalist on Twitter

06.14 a.m .: Two weeks before the US presidential election, incumbent Donald Trump prematurely canceled a TV interview. The TV station CBS announced on Tuesday evening (local time). Actually, Trump and Pence should have given a joint interview. However, that did not happen.

Shortly after the interview was broken off, Trump threatened on Twitter to publish a recording himself before the scheduled broadcast date next Sunday. He criticized the conversation with the renowned journalist Lesley Stahl for the CBS program “60 Minutes” as “fake” and “partisan”. Before the election, the interview should be part of a “60 Minutes” special about Republican Trump and his Democratic challenger Joe Biden this Sunday.

Trump spoke of a “terrible interference” in the November 3rd election. During a campaign appearance on Tuesday evening in Erie, Pennsylvania, he appeared to threaten CBS. “You have to look at what we do with ’60 Minutes’. You will get such a kick out of it,” said the President in front of cheering supporters. “Lesley Stahl won’t be happy about it.” Trump had previously published a short video on Twitter, about which he wrote: “Lesley Stahl from” 60 Minutes “without a mask in the White House after her interview with me. There’s a lot more to come.”

Trump, who contracted Covid-19 himself at the beginning of the month, almost never wears mouth and nose protection. In addition, he has repeatedly made verifiably false statements about face masks and the coronavirus. The US president describes media that report critical of him as “enemies of the people” and their reports as “fake news”. He regularly accuses US media of not tackling Biden nearly as hard as he is.

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