This is the shake that Mayeli Alonso sells to lose weight! | The NY Journal - The Canadian
Monday, November 30

This is the shake that Mayeli Alonso sells to lose weight! | The NY Journal

Mayeli alonso She does not stop growing as a businesswoman and even less so now that she has managed to position one of her many products in a market as difficult as that of health. It is a shake that replaces a plate of food and also has the necessary nutrients so that the body receives everything it needs. But the most wonderful thing about the drink in question is that it loses weight and the famous one has all the property to talk about this matter, since she was overweight for a long time.

According to the ex of Lupillo Rivera, With this shake you take away your cravings for sweets, burn calories and consume vegetables necessary to lead a healthy life without feeling that you are doing it. It also has good collagen for skin and protein for muscles. The latter helps a lot in the loss of those extra pounds.

This product is joined by other versions in capsules to lose weight, vitamins that help the immune system, fat burners and products for privacy, which had already been launched on the market some time ago. There is no doubt that I examine it Chiquis Rivera he has put the controversy aside somewhat and has focused on growing his business. None of the brands has been indifferent to their followers and they have all praised their quality.

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