The shopping list for this fall, foods to be stronger and healthier than ever | The NY Journal - The Canadian
Wednesday, December 2

The shopping list for this fall, foods to be stronger and healthier than ever | The NY Journal

Autumn has arrived and with it delicious, nutritious, warm and medicinal foods.

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Follow one balanced diet is one of the fundamental measures to live in good health, enjoy a healthy weight Y prevent diseases. That is why the key to stay strong in the face of seasonal changes, lies in the simple habit of consume local and seasonal products. Especially when it comes to fruits and vegetables, nature is wise and puts at our fingertips the perfect foods that provide the necessary nutrients for strengthen defenses.

Inspire us with seasonal foods it’s an amazing way to eat delicious, nutritious and much fresher, which is directly related to nutritional value of food and best of all, consuming what the season brings is much more cheap and accessible.

Fall has arrived and with it succulent ingredients that fill colors, aromas and flavors, the warmest to create the healthier recipes and that thanks to their therapeutic properties they are the perfect ally for cope with the cold and of great help to avoid the contagion of possible viral infections. Here are the foods that cannot be missing from your shopping list, they are very healthy, comforting and versatile, the perfect complement to strengthen the immune system, fill us with energy and protect ourselves against any disease or infection.

1. Pumpkins

The pumpkins are the most representative food of the seasonThey are not only incredibly attractive and a great decorative item. Its specific presence in the fall is associated with its unmatched nutritional properties. It is a very complete vegetable that is characterized by its high content of beta-carotene, vitamin C and E, that are considered two powerful antioxidants and a great mineral wealth in potassium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and magnesium. Thanks to their unique composition they are a great ally to stimulate the immune system, naturally increase defenses and they are a great protector of the system digestive, cardiovascular and urinary. Best of all, they are satiating and low in calories, warm and too versatile perfect for creating all kinds of soups, creams, sauces, stews, purees and desserts.

Pumpkins. / Photo: Shuttersrtock

2. Spinach

The spinach are a worthy representative of the green leafy vegetables, a true nutritional treasure. They are considered one of the healthier food due to its composition, which stands out for its extraordinary contribution in essential nutrients how are the vitamins A, C, E and K, Those of the B Group (especially folic acid), many minerals, phytochemicals and bioactive, which take health to another level. They are very rich in water and fiber, the perfect complement to promote a good digestive process, accelerate intestinal transit Y very low in calories, ideal for enhancing weightloss. They are a great ally to combat anemia, nutritional deficiencies and chronic fatigue. Integrating them into the diet is too accessible, they are ideal to create healthy green juices and smoothies, soups, fittings and very nutritious salads.

Spinach. / Photo: Pxhere

3. Sweet potato

A fundamental food to face the weather changes that autumn brings, without a doubt is the sweet potato. It is a tuber that provides numerous nutritional and medicinal properties, among which his high in carbohydrates slow absorption that fill with quality energy to the organism. Thanks to your characteristic orange color (very according to the season) it is related to a great contribution in provitamin A in form of beta carotene, vitamin C and several of B GroupIt is also very rich in minerals such as potassium and iron. They are very rich in antioxidants and highly valued for their anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them a good ally in the fight against free radicals and the oxidative stress. Your consumption benefits heart health, diabetes, slows premature aging and it is satiating, a good complement to lose weight. Best of all, it’s a extraordinary ingredient in the kitchen, which lends itself to creating all kinds of delicacies both sweet as well as salty.

Sweet potato. / Photo: Shutterstock

4. Oranges and mandarins

The autumn queens, refreshing, juicy and with a delicious sour touch that comforts the body. His great vitamin C content, that gives it a powerful antioxidant effect and that is related to a strong immune system and as a great ally in the prevention of flu, colds and viral respiratory tract infections. They are of great help in fight against radicals free, revitalize the body and fill you with quality energy, Also your high fiber content makes them an excellent ally for improve digestion, promote the elimination of toxins and wastes and thanks to this they are great purifying power.

Tangerines / Photo: Pxhere

5. Kiwis

Kiwis They are green gold for health, its nutritional potential stands out for its contribution in very high levels of vitamin C and folic acid, both essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the immune system and defenses. They are low in calories and sugars, so integrating them into the diet is ideal for take care of weight and health, at the same time they are distinguished by their magnificent contribution in soluble fiber which benefits heart health by regulating high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides and sugar in the blood. They are also a good complement to improve digestive and intestinal health, fight constipation and promote elimination of wastes, toxins and retained fluids.

Kiwi. / Photo: Pexels

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