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Friday, November 27

Conflans attack: the student’s parent, the sulphurous Islamist … The seven indicted

Two college students were indicted Wednesday evening, as well as the parent of student Brahim Chnina, the Islamist Abdelhakim Sefrioui and two friends of the assailant for “complicity in a terrorist assassination”.

The assassination of Samuel Paty is part of a “context of calls for murders” launched since the republication of the cartoons of Muhammad by Charlie Hebdo early September, before the opening of the trial for the January 2015 attacks in Paris. This was emphasized on Wednesday afternoon by anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard during a press conference about the suspects.

Samuel Paty, a 47-year-old teacher in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine (Yvelines) was beheaded on Friday by Abdoullakh Anzorov, an 18-year-old refugee of Chechen Russian origin, for showing caricatures of Muhammad during two courses in early October on the freedom of expression. Seven people, including two minors, were indicted on Wednesday evening. Three questions on these indictments.

  • Who are the indicted persons?

The parent of student Brahim Chnina and the sulphurous Islamist Abdelhakim Sefrioui were indicted Wednesday for “complicity in terrorist assassination” in the investigation into the death of teacher Samuel Paty in the Yvelines, announced the national prosecutor anti-terrorism. Two friends of the assailant, Naim B. (18) and Azim E. (19), were also indicted on the same charge. A third relative, Yussuf C., is being prosecuted for “terrorist association with a view to committing crimes against persons”.

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All have been remanded in custody except Brahim Chnina, who has however been detained pending a debate on this issue. The two 14 and 15-year-old schoolchildren were also indicted for “complicity in murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise”, but they were however left free under judicial supervision. The anti-terrorism prosecution had requested the placement in detention for at least one of the college students, against the advice of the investigating judges.

Brahim Chnina, 48, and Abdelhakim Sefrioui, 61, are accused of having “named as a target on social networks the teacher of history and geography” by means of a maneuver and a reinterpretation of the facts “, underlined the anti-terrorism prosecutor Jean-François Ricard during the press conference.

Brahim Chnina’s daughter did not attend any of the two courses, neither on October 5 nor on October 6, of Samuel Paty on secularism. On October 7, Brahim Chnina posted three messages on Facebook about facts of which his daughter was “allegedly a victim”. He calls for the exclusion of Samuel Paty. He also establishes “a direct link” between this event and the exclusion of his daughter when it was a decision taken “for totally separate facts”. On October 8, Brahim Chnina posted a video on Facebook then relayed to YouTube. The same day, he meets Abdelhakim Sefrioui, with whom he has been in contact for about a month: they go to see the principal of the college. The Islamist activist then shoots a video with the schoolgirl in front of the establishment.

The assailant Abdoullakh Anzorov was “directly inspired by the messages disseminated by Brahim Chnina”, assured the anti-terrorism prosecutor. The proceedings revealed several telephone and written contacts between Brahim Chnina and the assailant between October 9 and 13. The student’s father assured “to have received messages of support from various individuals including Anzorov whom he did not specifically remember”. Abdelhakim Sefrioui has “refuted any responsibility in the passage to the act” of the attacker.

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As for the two minors, the identification of the professor by Abdoullakh Anzorov “was only made possible thanks to the intervention of schoolchildren”, according to the prosecutor. The teenagers are accused of “having maintained themselves in the direct and prolonged presence of Abdoullakh Anzorov on the afternoon of October 16”. They received a sum of 300 to 350 euros from the killer who sought to identify Samuel Paty. A youth and a comrade “gave a physical description” of Samuel Paty to the assailant. “The latter told them he intended to film the professor, to force him to ask forgiveness for the caricature of the prophet, to humiliate him, to hit him”, according to Jean-François Ricard.

Azim E., 19, “long-time friend” of Abdoullakh Anzorov whose “radicalization he had observed for several months”, is suspected “of having accompanied him the day before the events to a cutlery in Rouen” and of have taken steps to obtain other weapons. Naïm B., 18, is accused of having “conveyed” Anzorov to the cutlery, then of “having deposited him in front of the college shortly before 2 pm” on the day of the facts. “The two men dispute at this stage having had knowledge of the deadly plans of their friend,” reported the prosecutor. The last suspect, Youssouf C., had been referred “because of very close contacts and the manifest sharing of the radical ideology” of the assailant.

As specified RFI, the concept of “complicity” shows that according to its investigation, the national antiterrorist prosecution believes that certain suspects had a precise knowledge of the finality of the terrorist project of Abdoullakh Anzorov. A count for which the maximum penalty incurred is life imprisonment, reduced to a maximum prison sentence of 20 years for minors under 16, in this case the two college students.

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