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Sunday, November 29

Strong intervention at the Joliette hospital

The Lanaudière regional hospital is once again in the hot seat after a tough intervention with a mother who simply wanted to get in touch with her hospitalized son.

Isabelle Bilodeau found herself in the midst of an altercation and suffered bruises during her stay at the Joliette hospital on 1er April 2019, she told TVA Nouvelles.

The scene took place in the psychiatric emergency room of the hospital. Mme Bilodeau was there, because his son had just been hospitalized after a suicide attempt. Disturbed and stressed by the situation, the mother of the family insisted on the nurse to help her reach her daughter who is at her son’s side.

Judging that there was little collaboration from the staff, Bilodeau decided to film herself inside the hospital as she shared with the nurse her concern about her son, as well as her desire for help reaching her daughter.

The nurse got impatient, repeatedly asking her to leave the office, stating “we have the means (to get you out)”. A code white was launched and security guards were called in with the aim of confiscating Bilodeau.

However, the main reason mentioned by the nurse to trigger a white code was questioned by all the people met.

A complaint was filed by Isabelle Bilodeau. The Service Quality and Complaints Commissioner agreed with him in a report and flayed the nurse who decided to use code white to remove him.

“An empathetic approach from the nurse would very likely have made it possible to understand the legitimate concerns of the mother of the family and avoid a physical and traumatic intervention,” the report reads.

The CISSS Lanaudière has taken action to avoid a repetition of events.

“Training was offered to the staff of the care units and the security guards. This is training focused on how to intervene with users in problematic situations. Training on Code White was also offered. ”

Isabelle Bilodeau has retained the services of a lawyer, Me Marco Vitale, who says he is preparing a civil action on behalf of his client.

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