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Tuesday, December 1

She risks 17 years in jail for a deadly ambush

A young woman from Montérégie who ambushed two bikers so that her partner could shoot them down risked 17 years in prison.

Mélanie Binette is not the one who pulled the trigger 11 times, on December 1, 2016, in a field in Vaudreuil-Dorion.

But his participation in a double murder, coupled with an assassination attempt, could send him thinking in the shadows for a long time if Superior Court judge Eric Downs accepts the lawyers’ suggestion next week.

The 32-year-old pleaded guilty last week to reduced counts of manslaughter and discharging a gun with the intent to endanger someone’s life.

She thus cut short a jury trial to be held at the Gouin Judicial Center in Montreal.

The young woman also escapes a life sentence, unlike her husband, Richard Hunt, convicted of the double homicide in May 2019.

The media could not report the details of his crime until yesterday.

On November 30, 2016, the couple invited Rock Machines Joseph Fluet and Steven Lamarsh to their home, along with his girlfriend Rachel Wickenheiser.

Drug debt

If the atmosphere was relaxed and alcohol and drugs flowed freely, it was only a mirage hiding the true intentions of the duo.

Hunt owed a drug debt to Fluet, who was putting more and more pressure to get his money back. The narcotics salesman had offered the Rock Machine to reimburse him the amount owed thanks to the alleged loot of a burial, buried.

On December 1, 2016, Hunt left the residence earlier, claiming that he had to go get an all-terrain vehicle.

Mélanie Binette led the trio to the place, where the $ 850,000 was supposed to be.

But as soon as the bikers started digging, Rachel Wickenheiser was shot in the knee.


The three victims scampered off, but only Wickenheiser managed to escape.

His friend Steven Lamarsh and Joseph Fluet perished under the bullets of Hunt, who was ambushed nearby.

However, the ambush could never have worked without Binette’s participation.

In a relationship with Hunt for ten years, she was aware of her spouse’s debt since Fluet had “seized” her Jaguar as a guarantee.

She also knew that her lover had a gun with a 30 round magazine and had even seen him test it.

Me Camille Taillefer, of the Crown, and Me Jean-Pierre Sharpe, who defends the accused, will suggest a sentence of 17 years in penitentiary next week.

Detained since her arrest, Binette would have 11 years to serve.

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