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Three accidents in the yard of his daycare in two months

A mother in Montérégie is demanding that a way be found to reduce speed on the road near her house after having experienced three accidents in two months on her property.

“I’m not going to wait until there is a dead person to move or that one of my children is on the ground and gets hit,” says Eryka Pomerleau, mother of three girls aged 1, 4 and 5.

The fence destroyed by one of the speed freaks

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The fence destroyed by one of the speed freaks

She has lived for seven years on Chemin Saint-Louis, at the junction of Rang du Dix, in Saint-Étienne-de-Beauharnois. She operates a home day care service there.

“In the row, it’s speed, drink, races. Looks like it’s always been accepted. But with the new development [domiciliaire], that no longer makes any sense, deplores Mme Pomerleau. There are children everywhere. Primary school is next door. ”

Near the child’s room

On August 14, at around 10 p.m., a vehicle driving on the Rang du Dix crashed into his house.

“The driver was in gear and drinking. We banged on his car and even held his handle to tell him to stop. But he fled the same way, says the mother. If I didn’t have a concrete construction it would go through and end up in the children’s room. “

The suspect was reportedly arrested an hour later in Ormstown, Montérégie.

Saturday morning, shortly after 6 a.m., history repeated itself.

A vehicle traveling on the Rang du Dix “at a minimum of 100-140 km / h” in the 50 km / h zone, she specifies, struck the fence which separates her land from that of the neighbor, confirmed the Sûreté du Québec. A garage, a trailer and a boat were also reportedly damaged.

Between these two collisions, her husband’s car was also hit last Sunday in the same place, “still related to speed”, according to Eryka Pomerleau.

No sense of urgency

The resident started fighting over new signage two years ago after her dog was struck by a car at high speed. He died instantly.

“Despite my efforts, nothing has changed,” she says.

Then, a month ago, she went to city council with other citizens to offer several recommendations.

“A speed bump; a flashing sign; a light ; a sign announcing the end of the road; lampposts to better illuminate the area ”, details Mme Pomerleau, who no longer knows who to call to make things happen.

The municipality replied to him to contact the Ministry of Transport of Quebec (MTQ), which replied that a “modification request involving a road under the management of the ministry must come from the municipality concerned”, we can read in an email from the MTQ consulted by The newspaper.

“We are several citizens to have made complaints to the ministry, but we are laughed at. No one takes us seriously. We even thought of selling this week ”, laments the mother“ now medicated for sleep ”so worried she is.

According to data collected by our Bureau of Investigation, nine accidents occurred at this location from 2014 to 2019.

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