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STINGY? Trump went to church and at the time of the alms, he will not believe how much TRUMP gave

  • President Trump makes donation to church in Las Vegas
  • Apparently it was 8 bills of 20 dollars those that Trump delivered
  • “It gave the church back its voice,” said the father who officiated the morning services.

President Trump makes donation to church in Las Vegas. President Donald Trump made a donation of $ 20 bills at a church service he visited in Las Vegas.

The church service was Sunday morning at the International Church in Las Vegas, where he allegedly donated eight bills, which appeared to be $ 20, a total of $ 160, according to the Daily Mail.

Father Paul Marc Goulet, who offered the service, pointed to a number of accomplishments that he attributed to the Trump administration. “It gave the church back its voice,” Father Goulet said. “It has given a voice to the unborn,” added the pastor, according to the Daily Mail.

A few moments ago, President Trump shared a video series on his official Twitter account about his meeting this morning at the international church in Las Vegas where he made the aforementioned donation. TO SEE THE VIDEO CLICK HERE.

Trump Donation Church Donation

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This drew loud applause from President Trump and a partial ovation from the parishioners. “This is your third time here. That means you are really a member of the church, ”said the pastor, referring to President Donald Trump. The US president was accompanied by his assistants Hope Hicks, Kayleigh McEnany and Dan Scavino.

According to the Daily Mail, only the faithful of that church wore masks. Pastor Paul Marc Goulet said: “Right now we are feeding about 25,000 people a month in the city. Because, Mr. President, we get to unemployment between 28% and 29% in our city and our Clark County, and that’s why we only have cars in line. “

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