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Marisela took this photo at her friend’s house before going out to a bar and then uploaded it to her networks. Now her desperate and crying family

Photo: Courtesy of the Botello Family.

  • Strange disappearance: Marisela Botello traveled from Seattle to Dallas to see her ex-boyfriend and has been missing for two weeks.
  • The girl went to a bar in downtown Dallas and left the place with a man, since then no one has seen her.
  • Now Marisela Botello’s family travels to Texas to search for the girl in a case full of mystery and pain.

Marisela Botello traveled from Seattle to Dallas to visit her ex-boyfriend and since last Sunday, October 4, the girl has been missing.

Botello, 23, left Seattle, Washington, for Dallas, Texas, on Friday, October 2, and was due to return to her family on Monday, October 5, 2020. However, the girl never took the plane back.

The disappearance of Botello has put his family in suspense and anguish, who are already traveling from Washington state to investigate what may have happened to the Hispanic girl.

He Dallas Police Department (DPD, for its acronym in English) already has an open case in the girl’s disappearance. Then there are the efforts that her family and friends make to find her.

As he could verify MundoHisp├ínicoIn Texas, the DPD opened an investigation of the case, under the criteria of “Person to be located”, with the number 177834-2020 as reported by a source within the corporation.

So far the only thing that is known is that the girl decided to stay with a friend who hosted her during her stay in Texas, according to relatives in their request for help that they have spread through social networks.

On the night of Sunday, October 4, the girl told her friend that she was going to a club. Marisela Botello dressed up in a purple dress and went out to party at a bar on Elm Street.

Before leaving for the club on Elm Street, a fun area in downtown Dallas, the girl took a picture in the bathroom mirror of her friend’s house and then posted it on her Snapchat account.

That photograph is the last clear image of Marisela Botello that exists and it is the one the volunteers are using to search for her.

Marisela Botello, 23, is a girl from Seattle, Washington, who is missing in Dallas, Texas, after she went to a bar. (Photo: Courtesy of the Botello Family)

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