Saturday, October 31

Maripily Rivera’s dental floss paralyzed social networks | The NY Journal

The Puerto Rican model Maripily turned around and showed off her voluptuous rear with a tremendous thong

At 43, the Puerto Rican Maripily rivera She is one of the most desired women in the world Instagram. Special mention that he receives because his photos are quite spicy and he leaves little to the imagination of all his followers. This time he was on a beach in California and with an almost non-existent dental floss he posed his “Tail” towards the camera and social media exploded.

The fitness model is one of the best handling the art of seduction through the different digital platforms and we always see her parading from sexy lingerie to simply towels with which she covers her noble parts so that they can fully appreciate the power of her curves .

There is no doubt that this brunette is confirmed as one of the most engaging and popular influencers in Hispanic entertainment. In addition, the brand of jeans that bear her name is growing more and more, so the Puerto Rican can be considered as an empowered and modern woman, who does not stop before any possible crisis.

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