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LIKE THE PIRATE OF CULIACÁN! They kill BALAZOS a Hispanic influencer and suspect NARCOS (VIDEO)

  • Hispanic influencer shot to death in Puerto Rico
  • Death recalls that of the “Pirate of Culiacán” in 2017
  • Pinky Curvy, with hundreds of thousands of followers, assures that she was involved with drug trafficking

Hispanic influencer shot to death in Puerto Rico. Isadora Marie Nieves Cruz, better known as Pinky Curvy, an influencer dedicated to the sale of cosmetics, was murdered in Hato Rey Central, very similar to the terrible crime that took place in 2017 with the Mexican El Pirata de Culiacán.

The authorities confirmed that it was Isadora Marie Nieves Cruz, the influencer Pinky Curvy, who was serving a federal sentence for her alleged links with the organization known as FARC, according to The Spokesperson for Puerto Rico.

Juan José García, commander of the San Juan police area, and Commander Mayda Ortiz Ramírez, director of the Criminal Investigations Corps (CIC) made this confirmation of the identity of this 24-year-old woman who lived in the municipality of Rio Piedras, in according to the same medium. To see the video click here

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Apparently a gray Toyota Yaris participated in the shooting and was found near the scene, the driver of that vehicle had collided with a tree.

According to El Vocero de Puerto Rico, he was found with casings of assault rifles in the car, as well as bullet holes in the front window, which seem to come from inside.

The suspects stole another vehicle to flee the scene. This scene took place at 9:48 a.m. in front of the Cayo Caribe restaurant, according to El Vocero de Puerto Rico.

Rivera Pérez, the husband of influencer Pinky Curvy, said he was traveling with his wife, whom he identified as Isadora Marie Nieves and whose body lay near the truck.

This truck was a gray Toyota Tacoma model and a video from security cameras shows the murder. ADVANCE TO THE NEXT PAGE TO WATCH THE VIDEO.

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