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How much money does Carlos Santana have? | The NY Journal

Santana bought a $ 6 million home in Las Vegas.

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Carlos Santana is a Mexican musician who has a fortune of $ 80 million dollars, according to estimates of Celebrity Net Worth. Throughout his career, Santana has had a great impact in many sectors of popular music and has had a good number of commercial successes that are now his main source of income.

Carlos Santana was born in Autlán, Jalisco, Mexico, on July 20, 1947. He became interested in music from a very young age, beginning to play the violin when he was only five years old, and then continued with the guitar at the age of eight.

Time after, Santana and her family moved to San Francisco, California, where her career in music began in earnest..

Carlos Santana has won several Grammy, Latin Grammy, Billboard Music Awards, and many other music awards. His main contribution to music is the fusion of Latin rhythms with rock and jazz., which popularized in the late sixties.

In 2013, he spent $ 6 million on a modern home in Las Vegas, a few blocks from another four-bedroom home he had bought in 2010 for $ 3.5 million, which he put up for sale as soon as he got the new one.

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