Tuesday, October 20

Hope for Biden: Almost 30 million Americans have already voted

Gut two weeks before the American presidential elections, more citizens than ever before voting day have exercised their right to vote. According to an election project by the University of Florida, around 27.7 million eligible voters have so far cast their ballots by post or in person.

“We have to maintain the incredible momentum, we can not let go,” said challenger Joe Biden on Sunday at a “drive-in” campaign appearance in North Carolina. The participants in their cars honked approvingly. “Don’t wait, vote today,” Biden called on his followers. The higher the voter turnout, the better election researchers estimate the Democratic candidate’s chances of doing.

During his appearance, he repeatedly criticized incumbent Donald Trump for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Against Trump’s claim over the weekend that America was “over the mountain”, Biden said the number of new cases was at its highest level in months. “As my grandfather would say, ‘This guy doesn’t have all the cups in his closet if he thinks we’re over the hill,'” Biden said. “It’s getting worse and he keeps lying to us about the situation.”

The candidate at Biden’s side for the vice-presidency, Kamala Harris, canceled events at the weekend as a precaution after a consultant tested positive for Covid-19. Harris tested negative for the virus on Sunday, its campaign team said.

Trump warns of “Biden Depression”

President Trump defended his opposition to the advice of scientists in the pandemic. “If I had listened completely to the scientists, we would now have a country that would be in a massive economic crisis,” said Trump during an election campaign appearance in Carson City, Nevada on Sunday. “Instead we are like a rocket ship.”

Trump made fun of Biden because he promises to take advice from scientists in the fight against the coronavirus. A little later, Trump accused his challenger of imposing an “unscientific lockdown” to contain the coronavirus if he was elected.

On November 3rd, Americans would have a choice between a “Trump super recovery” of the economy and a “Biden depression,” said Trump. He warned that with Biden taxes would rise and jobs would migrate abroad. In fact, if he wins, Biden promises to impose penalty taxes on American firms from moving jobs abroad and not to raise taxes on anyone who earns less than $ 400,000 a year.

Twitter blocks mask denier tweet from Trump adviser

Twitter blocked a tweet from a Trump advisor who spread misinformation about the effectiveness of wearing masks against the coronavirus. Scott Atlas tweeted, “Do masks work? “No” was blocked on Sunday for violating the guidelines, a Twitter spokesperson said on Sunday.

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The guidelines prohibit statements that have been classified as false or abusive by health authorities. In such cases, Twitter blocks the account until the tweet is deleted. Researchers have found that wearing mouth and nose covers can reduce the spread of the virus. Atlas responded in an email with incomprehension to the blockade by Twitter.

The pandemic is still out of control in America. More than 8.1 million infections have been detected since the beginning, and almost 220,000 people died after being infected. There is currently an upward trend in the number of new infections per day. Regardless, Trump called on the states to open completely on Sunday.

The prominent American health expert Anthony Fauci said in an interview broadcast on Sunday with the broadcaster CBS: “I think deep down the President believes in science. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have entrusted his health to the very competent doctors at the Walter Reed Military Hospital. ”Trump tested positive for the coronavirus at the beginning of October and then received hospital treatment for three days. Still, he still downplays the effectiveness of masks.


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