Wednesday, October 21

“He had a heart attack when he climaxed,” actor Mattew McConaughey reveals that his dad died while having sex | The NY Journal

Handsome Hollywood actor Mattew McConaughey made a very intimate confession about his father’s death

The actor of Hollywood Matthew McConaughey You have everything ready to bring your memories to light in “Greenlights”, in which he makes personal revelations and talks about the intense relationship his parents had. The famous gave an interview to People magazine, where he claimed that his father died of a heart attack while having sex with his mother and that in fact, his father had told him before along with his brothers.

“-Guys, when I go, I’ll make love to your mother- and so it happened, Dad died when he climaxed”said the artist. He also added that his parents came back and finished all the time. They were married three times and divorced twice, and sometimes “They were even violent.”

James Donald McConaughey died in 1992 then as predicted: in bed with his wife Kay.

“I got a call from my mom. Your father died. My knees buckled. I could not believe it. He was my dad. Nobody and nothing could kill him. Except mom “said the actor for the media. Everything indicates that “Greenlights” promises interesting aspects of the life of McConaughey.

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