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Espinoza Paz shares never-before-seen photos of Jenni Rivera

  • Singer Espinoza Paz shared photos of Jenni Rivera never seen before on social networks
  • This he did through his Instagram account
  • Followers of the singer and the “Great Lady” reacted to the images

What a surprise! Through your official account Instagram Mexican singer Espinoza Paz shared a few never-before-seen photos of himself with the late Jenni Rivera.

In the images you can see Espinoza Paz well burned with the “Diva de la Banda”, which made us remember the good times they had, both on stage and off stage.

This moved the followers of the two singers, even one of them recalled the plans they had together: “Just last night I saw the interview that Omar Chaparro gave you where they showed that photo and where you talked about the plans that you and Jenni had.”


“Good thing you didn’t hook her up. Because you are a cute daddy ”, a netizen commented in one of the images.

Even a follower commented that he witnessed in one of the photos: “I remember this day at the BMI Awards. I met them that day through my dad who also received his medal for their composition, what a beautiful and very special day for me ”.

“Jenny Rivera greetings to heaven you were a great singer of the Mexican regional”, “Nice memories”, “What a beautiful photo, you are as cool as always and Jenny”, “How nice that you remember her with so much affection and appreciation @Espinoza Paz“,” How lucky you are Espinoza to see him living with a great woman “, were some of the hundreds of comments that the followers made.

It is worth mentioning that the two maintained a great friendship, even this year they revealed a Jenni Rivera song written by Espinoza Paz, we talked about the single “Let’s cheat it”.

The song was composed by Espinoza Paz for Jenni to sing, as she was inspired by the great friendship they had to compose, she even thought that she had not managed to record it, and was very surprised to see her song sung by the Gran Madam, according to IHEART RADIO portal.

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