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Young people of Cuban and Venezuelan descent rebel against their parents and support Biden | The NY Journal

“When one begins to speak of the subject in the house the claims and the shouting begin”

Young Cubans and Venezuelans in Florida are using social media, advertisements and even their own cars to express their support for the Democratic candidate Joe biden, rise up against their parents and convince them that the president Donald trump “He is using and deepening the trauma that communism left them” to stay in power.

Adolescents and young adults from both communities have decided to openly express their position and organize “because it is necessary to denounce that the tactics they use to govern and campaign for politics are the same from which they escaped,” some of the members of the movements “Cubans with Biden” Y “Venezuelans with Biden”.

“It is something very hard because when one begins to talk about it at home, the complaints and the shouting begin. I know it is because of the pain that leaving Venezuela caused us and not being able to return. For this reason, I am outraged by the way in which they are taking advantage of their pain, sowing division and making things more complicated “, said the Venezuelan Valentina Semidey.

The 18-year-old, a resident of the city of Boca Raton, 73 kilometers north of Miami, is studying the first semester of Political Science at Florida State University precisely to understand “what makes intelligent people go so blind. They are convinced that Trump is the only one who has helped Venezuela and that Biden is a communist ”.

“It doesn’t make sense to me. In fact, the reality is that Venezuela is worse now than four years ago. The opposition is more divided than ever and the sanctions have not helped the people at all ”, stressed the young woman who obtained US citizenship this year and will vote for the first time on November 3.

A similar position is shared by Sofía Hidalgo, an American from a Cuban family living in Miami, who at 18 will also vote for the first time and actively participates in “Cubans with Biden.”

“I live with my grandfather on a street full of pro-Trump propaganda”said Hidalgo, who has painted his car red with colorful messages in favor of the Democratic candidate that say “100% anti-communist”, “100 anti-racist”, “100 anti-fascist”, “100 with Biden” and parks it between the banners of your neighbors.

The young woman, who divides her days between teaching math classes and helping with political activities, acknowledges that “the division that exists on this issue hurts her a lot.”

“There are members of my family with whom I cannot speak because they accuse us of wanting communism to be reinstated in the United States”, stresses.

The two communities are very politically active in Miami and have been heavily courted by Democrats and Republicans. It is no coincidence that the first stop in the city of the senator Kamala harrisAfter being chosen as the candidate to accompany Biden, it was at a Venezuelan arepas restaurant.

The TikTok effect

The boys have used social networks to expose their dissatisfaction with Trump not only because of his political expressions, but also because of his refusal to condemn racism, to apply measures against the climate crisis and for his immigration policies. This year the TikTok network has amplified the message with videos of talks and even dances that have gone viral.

One of the most prolific activists is America Valdes, the daughter of the Cuban comedian Alexis Valdes, who explained there how “Cubans come from a communist and totalitarian state and associate anything from the ‘left’ with this totalitarian communism. But the left doesn’t really exist in the United States (…) The Democratic party is a centrist party, and the Republican party is a rightist party ”.

“It is incredible how we Cubans forget so quickly. Democrats are the ones who made Cuban immigration possible, “said Kirenia Cantero, one of the founders of the” Cubans with Biden “page on Facebook, which has almost 14,000 members.

Adult allies

This week Cuban-American judge Ana María Polo, host of the popular television program “Caso Closure”, took a video on Facebook condemning Latinos who “attack and accuse of being a communist” anyone who supports Biden, especially young people. .

Venezuelan artists Erika de La Vega, comedian and daughter of Cubans, and Michel Haussmann, director of the Miami New Drama company, which operates at the iconic Colony Theater in Miami Beach, published letters condemning the harassment and expressing their support for Biden and the move in your favor.

This Monday they appeared in the city of Doral, one of the epicenters of the Venezuelan diaspora in the Greater Miami area, two billboards and three public benches with images comparing Trump with Hugo Chavez.

“Venezuelans and Cubans in favor of Trump are as radical as the Chavistas themselves. It is sad that knowing what it is to live without freedom of expression, they do not respect the opinions of others “said Semidey, who acknowledges that he has come to feel “fear.”

“That is why this group of ‘Cubans for Biden’ has been so important to me. I knew that it was not going to be possible to convince almost anyone, but it has helped me feel less alone and to find each other, even with adult allies in this sea of ​​hatred, ”Hidalgo acknowledged.


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