Tuesday, October 27

With the curfew, what do you plan to do for the aperitif?

Beer and crisps at the counter are not for now. – Canva/20 Minutes

A few seconds after the announcement of a curfew in certain metropolises of the country by Emmanuel Macron, the jokes began to fuse on Twitter: “Aperitif at 4 pm”, “As they will not understand anything when we start the aperitif at noon ”… Everyone went there with their own word but, in fact, the social life of millions of French people is (again) concretely turned upside down.

If the government has encouraged social life, in practice it may not be so obvious. It is difficult to imagine, for example, a dinner with friends of barely an hour, having to ignore certain people to respect the “rule of six.” “Etc. Also, we would like to ask you how you are going to try to continue living your human relationships.

Do you actually plan to “start the aperitif earlier”? If you’re inviting friends over for a meal, will you offer to stay put? Have you decided not to go to bed before 6 a.m.? Or, on the contrary, have you decided to put a stop to some of your social relations? Tell us by filling out the form below.


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