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Will hamster be bought again? Toilet paper demand is increasing – the first supermarkets are reacting

In some supermarkets, more toilet paper is being sold again due to rising corona numbers. Market research experts do not rule out new hamster purchases.

  • At Lidl and Aldi becomes more Toilet paper sold.
  • The Supermarkets see no reason despite the corona crisis and increasing numbers of infections Hamster purchases.
  • The Branches the supermarkets watch the Fluctuations in demand.

Frankfurt – The Corona numbers across Germany are currently increasing rapidly. In the population makes itself uncertainty wide. That is now again in some Supermarkets to feel. In several shops they are already empty Toilet paper shelves. The discounters now have to look again Hamster purchases to adjust?

Hamster purchases: The demand for toilet paper is increasing at Lidl and Aldi

“We currently have our Branches for the first time a slight increase in demand for individual products, including toilet paper, ”confirms Aldi south of the Wirtschaftswoche. The competitor seems to be similar Lidl to play back: “In some regions and branches we recorded a slight in isolated cases increased demand in our hygiene range. However, we are well prepared for a change in the situation and can react quickly through adapted measures to provide the branches with sufficient Ware to supply “, says a spokesman for Lidl.

The hamster purchases of toilet paper are increasing again.

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From a Edeka market in Wuppertal there are already reports of hamster purchases. Of the managing Director have an increased demand for Kitchen rolls, toilet paper and long-lasting food such as milk and pasta noted. That reports the Wuppertaler Rundschau. This is not just an isolated case. It looks similar in other stores.

This Buying behavior be towards others Customers selfish. The result: From now on, only one pack of toilet paper of certain types is allowed in the Edeka store household to be bought. With regard to these new developments, another branch of the supermarket chain Edeka has playfully called on Twitter to only buy normal household quantities in the future. Other retail chains like Rewe, dm and Kaufland have not yet noticed any changes in their customers’ purchasing behavior.

Whether there will be plenty of empty toilet paper shelves again in the coming weeks and months cannot currently be ruled out. “There could of course be renewed hamster purchases,” reports Market research expert Dominick Overbeck im Handelsblatt. However, it is also possible that consumers based on the experience during the first Corona-Welle do not fear supply gaps and therefore on a permanent basis Availability trust.

Toilet paper sales more than doubled in the second week of March

During the first phase of the Corona-Pandemie there were repeated purchases of hamsters all over Germany. In spring, customers in supermarkets were often standing in front of empty shelves. Toilet paper, disinfectants, pasta and flour were often out of stock for several weeks. According to market researchers that was Toilet paper sales in the second week of March more than twice as high as in the comparison week in 2019. This is reported by the world. After that the numbers went steeply downhill. He’s stabilized again in July.

Frankfurt prohibits hamster purchases

Also in many Hessian cities the shelves were looted last spring. As a result, among other things, in Frankfurt and Hanau Hamster purchases were banned. At that time, shops were only allowed to sell customary amounts to their customers. “With this decree we want to specifically prevent the unspeakable practice of buying hamsters,” said Frankfurt’s mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) on March 23 with. The mayor of Hanau found even more drastic words Claus Kaminsky (SPD): “Hamster purchases are anti-social,” he said.

Frankfurt’s Lord Mayor Peter Feldmann (SPD) had to ban hamster purchases in March.

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The supermarket branches all over Germany now hope that such bans will not be necessary in the coming weeks. “Based on the experience of the past few months, we are monitoring fluctuations in demand very closely to identify any Delivery bottlenecks to be able to avoid “, it was said at Aldi Süd. So there is definitely no reason to buy hamsters. What is certain, of course, is that people will again be prepared for several weeks or months in their own four walls. That also shows a Search analysis from Googlewhich says that people are increasingly after they understood how Corona numbers, clinical thermometers and puzzles search. (Tobias Ketter)

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