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“We are not ready to let you go.” Ana Patricia is about to experience another DEATH (PHOTO)

  • Ana Patricia Gámez moves with a publication on social networks
  • The model and host shares sad news with her followers
  • “We are not ready to let you go yet,” he said.

Wow 2020! It was last June that Ana Patricia Gámez’s father lost his life, and now, the model and host shares sad news with her followers, who did not hesitate to express their support for her.

Through your official account Instagram, where she has more than 2 million followers, the host of Enamorándonos USA uploaded a photo in which her two young children appear with “Honey”.

PHOTO Instagram Ana Patricia Gámez

On the verge of reaching 40 thousand likes, as from the producer Luz María Doria, La Veneno Sandoval, former host of Suelta la sopa and the model Nastassja Bolívar, this publication by Ana Patricia Gámez says the following:

“13 years with me, 5 with Giulietta, 2 with Gael. Honey, we’re not ready to let you go yet. “

The followers of the model and host did not let much time pass to express their support in these difficult moments: “We love you very much”, “Beautiful photo”, “We understand your sadness, Ana Patricia”, “Bellos, God bless you”, ” My prayers for Honey ”,“ We ​​are never ready for a goodbye ”,“ Many years of life for your dog ”.

For their part, some users decided to share their experiences with the host of Enamorándonos USA: “It’s so sad to let them go because they are part of you, they are part of your family. I have mine and I do not want to imagine the day that I miss and that I have with the first 6 years.

“Animals become part of the family”, “Precious, I love them”, “Anita, remember: all dogs go to heaven”, “Puppies should not disappear, they should be eternal”, you can read in the comments.

And although Ana Patricia Gámez opened her heart with her fans, it seems that the matter is not very serious or she forgot “Honey” very quickly, since she shared another publication that gives a lot to talk about.

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