Thursday, October 29

UNITED: opposition in Ottawa pledges to fight to get to the bottom of the matter

OTTAWA – Federal opposition parties promise to continue to fight to get to the bottom of the UNIS controversy, despite what they describe as threats and obstacles raised by the Liberals.

The subject will again be at the center of concerns when the House of Commons resumes its work after a week of recess, while the Conservatives will take advantage of an opposition day on Tuesday.

That’s when the Conservatives could ask for a special committee to review the defunct deal with the UNIS charity, which was to run a multi-million dollar federal volunteer program.

Conservative health spokeswoman Michelle Rempel Garner declined to disclose on Sunday whether it was still in the plans. Liberal House leader Pablo Rodriguez suggested last week that this could result in a vote of confidence.

Ms. Rempel Garner nevertheless assured that the Conservatives intend to continue to hound the government on the subject, in addition to questioning it on what she describes as a lack of preparation in the face of the second wave of COVID-19.

The NDP also intends to push for answers on the UNIS affair, party ethics spokesperson Charlie Angus said. He said it would be irresponsible of the Liberals to plunge the country into an election on the issue.

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