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Unimarket Latin Food: A New Online Shopping Experience Coming Soon to Ontario | The Canadian News

With 13 years in the market, Unimarket seeks to offer its customers the best Latin products in a friendly and reliable online platform.

Rodrigo Diaz M.

Despite the fact that the Latino population in Canada is increasing year after year, the options to re-feel the flavors of your native region through your palate are certainly scarce. Unimarket seeks to change this.

Unimarket Latin Food is a physical and online store dedicated to the sale of Latin foods from many parts of South America, Central America and Mexico.

Located in Alberta, Unimarket is made up of three physical stores that include restaurants, markets, cafes and bakeries. They also have an online platform that was launched in 2015, but had to be closed a year later due to the high cost of shipping the products.

The online platform was relaunched on February 1 of this year and has been extremely successful ever since.

“There is no online platform, nor in the United States, that offers the shopping experience that we offer at Unimarket,” said Richard Ospina, owner and CEO of Unimarket to the News Center.

“From the moment you access the website, you find a friendly interface and have the facility to find a product, order it and have information from when the order is confirmed, shipped and a follow-up of the experience with the order.”

Ospina also admitted that they have been surprised by the large volume of sales originating from clients in the Canadian east coast provinces. It is for this reason that Unimarket is looking to expand its reach beyond Alberta.

“I think this is a very good opportunity to go into the market in Ontario and offer the customer a complete experience that is so much needed right now,” Richard said.

With the aim of solving the problem they previously had with high shipping costs, Ospina announced that on November 1 Unimarket will be opening a distribution center in Vaughan, Ontario.

“At the same time we are going to offer free shipping or free shipping in the main cities of Ontario after the inauguration of the distribution center, this is something very important for people to try our products and our service,” explained Ospina.

With more than 800 products available, Ospina assured that, by the time the distribution center is open, Unimarket will have between 900 and a thousand different products imported from countries such as: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador and Honduras.

“We focus on frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat products, such as tamales and empanadas,” explained Ospina. “Quality is essential and we are working on bringing new products, such as empanadas made from pure corn.”

“The pandemic is a difficult time for everyone, however we have seen the opportunity that it has created and equally benefited because our businesses are considered essential and we have remained open for most of the time,” explained Ospina. “We have had very substantial growth compared to last year.”

To review the complete catalog and make product purchases online, you can access:

In Alberta, you can visit all three stores located at:

  • 128 50 Ave SE, Calgary
  • 2405 Edmonton Trail NE
  • 5317 50 Ave, Red Deer

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