Monday, October 26

Unconfine Me # 2: My Name? Brigitte Macron

Every Sunday, L’Express takes a bite out of life under Covid-19. Today, the war of nicknames on the indiscreet registers of restaurants.

That may change with the introduction of the curfew, but it’s crazy the beautiful people we meet in the restaurant at the moment. This week alone, I had lunch twice at the same place as Brigitte Macron. You do not believe me ? The first time was Monday. I was marking my name on the famous register, painfully leaning over the console at the entrance to the restaurant, when the girlfriend who was accompanying me showed me the line above: look, Brigitte Macron is passed there before us. Indeed, the handwriting was beautiful, crisp, like the teacher’s that she was. We told ourselves that the phone number was not hers, probably that of her bodyguard, she would not have put the real one of course, but, at least, she had played the game. a little midinettes, the food took on a different taste, a scent of power, we liked the idea of ​​going to the same place as the first lady.

The next day, there was a rebelote, not the same neighborhood, a slightly more popular restaurant, the steak-and-frites brasserie genre, but, again, a Brigitte Macron scribbled on the register. The friend I was with laughed, can you imagine him here? It’s true, the lady doesn’t sound snobbish, but still, it seemed unlikely. I looked a little closer at the notebook, I saw an Eddy Mitchell, a Gilles Ejaune and a Pamela Anderson. We had fun imagining the characters we would have liked to use. We discarded the Véran and the Castex, not popular enough, the Barbara Pompili or the Emmanuelle Wargon, not well known enough. I chose Celine Dion, Juliette Binoche or Julia Roberts, my companion James Bond, Harrison Ford or Brad Pitt.

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