Tuesday, October 27

Two Toronto Hospitals Declare COVID-19 Outbreaks | The Canadian News

St. Joseph Health Center and Toronto Western Hospital, reported cases among patients and staff.

Rodrigo Diaz M.

Two Toronto hospitals have declared COVID-19 outbreaks while at a time when the city continues to register a high number of cases.

An outbreak situation is announced by a hospital when a unit has declared at least two COVID-19 cases in a 14-day period and when both cases are likely to have been acquired in the hospital.

Today, Toronto Western Hospital confirmed at least nine cases of COVID-19 at its facility after three patients and six staff members tested positive.

The hospital, near Bathurst and Dundas streets, has previously declared several other COVID-19 outbreaks, the first on April 18, and at least two more in the following weeks.

The St. Joseph Health Center is also “managing a significant number” of confirmed COVID-19 cases, with four units currently in an outbreak state, confirmed Robyn Cox, a spokesperson for Unity Health.

As of today morning, the hospital confirmed 20 cases of the virus at its facilities. The hospital admitted 16 patients to its COVID-19 unit, seven of whom are attributed to its outbreak, while 13 staff members also tested positive for the virus.

The hospital has closed the affected units to new admissions and is “further improving its cleaning and infection control procedures.”

As of yesterday the St. Joseph Health Center revised its visiting policy. Only two visits per week are allowed for certain essential care workers and some exceptions for women in labor, palliative and pediatric patients.


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