Wednesday, October 28

Tributes to Samuel Paty, the murdered professor, live: “I realized that one can die of teaching”

“I realized that you can die of teaching”

“We are there as teachers” : Maxime is a school teacher in Chelles (Seine-et-Marne), just like Nathalie. Mehdi is a teacher in a vocational high school in Neuilly-sur-Marne (Seine-Saint-Denis), and a member of the Chelles en angry collective, which brings together teachers and parents of students. They came to demonstrate today at Place de la République to “Remember that we are a secular state, and that we must burst the abscesses”, according to Mehdi.

For Maxime, who teaches CE2-CM1: “Çit is going well, even though the children are of different origins and faiths. Me, I insist on the fact that we have the right to believe, not to believe, to change obedience, and that the students have the right to believe what they want. Today, the emotion is strong and mobilizes more than other school questions. The act is unimaginable, we feel that it is the school that is targeted, the raison d’être of the teachers. ”

Like him, Nathalie teaches CM2, and “at the time of Charlie, she explains, some parents told us that they were not Charlie. All the more reason not to abdicate. Secularism is something fragile. Defending it is necessary, there must be debates adapted to each age. ” The teacher confides that she has “Realized that you can die of teaching”.

And Mehdi shares this sentiment: “You feel like you have everything on your back. News channels, politicians and now we are being killed for doing our job. We have colleagues who committed suicide, and we are killed after leaving college. ”

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