Friday, October 23

They get married at the Canada-U.S. Border so they can reunite their families

A Canadian couple made the choice to get married at the Canada-US border so that family and friends from both countries could be present at the ceremony.

Lindsay Clowes and Alex Leckie held their celebration at a dock in the St. Croix River, New Brunswick on October 10.

Across the river in the state of Maine, aunts, uncles and cousins ​​were watching their marriage from a distance on another wharf.

But that’s not all, aboard a boat in the middle of the stream were the bride’s grandparents, who were sure to be far enough away from other guests to respect social distancing.

“It couldn’t have been better than it was,” said Mme Crowes interviewed on CNN. It was far more memorable than anything we could have done. ”

Initially, the couple were to unite in August, but like many people, the pandemic forced them to change their plan. They had therefore chosen to postpone their marriage until next year.

But in August, the couple changed their mind once again. They couldn’t wait to get married.

“I’ve always had this idea of ​​getting married by the river so that guests can attend by boat. It was what I called my plan B wedding. So I called my parents to tell them about it and they liked the idea, ”adds Mme Crowes.

Six weeks later, Lindsay and Alex tied the knot before a reduced guest list to meet the limits imposed by health guidelines in both countries.

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