Wednesday, October 28

They attack Priscila, Daredevil’s wife, for supporting Donald Trump

  • Priscila surprises with a message on social networks
  • Users attack Daredevil’s wife for supporting Donald Trump
  • “Too bad you support Trump,” users tell him

Not who would have thought it. After the singer Priscila, Daredevil’s wife, surprised with a message on social networks, users attack her for supporting Donald Trump, president of the United States.

Everything seemed to be in order when Priscila shared a photo on her account Instagram, where he has more than 200 thousand followers, in which he wrote the following:

“Soccer Saturdays with my children, always with my hat and sunscreen to protect me from the sun. I hope you are having a nice day with your family, take good care of yourselves and remember to use a mask and always carry your antiviral and antibacterial gel of course from @tejocoteoriginal ”.

PHOTO Instagram Priscila

It is worth highlighting the beauty of the Daredevil’s wife in this image, which to date has almost 7 thousand likes, such as that of the Mexican singer Tatiana and La Veneno Sandoval, former host of Suelta la sopa.

And at the least expected moment, a user told her: “Too bad you support Trump”, to which the singer replied: “Not in everything, but in the most basic right that all human beings have and that is the right to be born, from there, we can demand the other rights ”.

Upon learning of the singer’s support for Donald Trump, another person said: “If we Mexicans would be nothing in this country.”

Priscila did not take long to respond: “We all contribute and receive very important things from this country, which, even without being ours, gives us the opportunity to have a better present for us and our children.”

It seems that this exchange of opinions would not end, although at all times the Daredevil’s wife responded politely and without falling into provocations.

In another ‘attack’ she received, Priscila had no choice but to defend herself more extensively.

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