Thursday, October 29

“They are making fun of the dead”: the controversial dance of four hospital employees on TikTok

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Four workers from the Hospital Joan XXIII of Tarragona are being investigated by their own center after uploading a video to TikTok dancing in a room “They make fun of the dead,” wrote a tweeter, raising the controversy and criticizing the behavior of health personnel in full wave of coronavirus.

In the video, while the music of the coffins that became so popular during the confinement plays, one of the employees look to see how the patient is. He makes a gesture as if to say: “There is nothing to do.” Afterwards, she covers the patient and, minutes later, the patient herself takes off the blanket and begins to dance with her companions in a room downtown.

The video, uploaded to the popular social network TikTok, has raised the controversy. It is not debatable that, obviously, during their workday they relax. In fact, they must do it for the good of the sick. But what they criticize from the networks is that the video gives the feeling that they mock the sick and that the video was recorded in a workplace with the second wave of coronavirus hitting Spain.

“The nurses at the Joan XXIII hospital in Tarragona, a hospital where acquaintances are admitted, making fun of the dead,” criticized a tweeter from the social network.

The employee, who after recording the video, uploaded it to the social network, did not imagine the impact it was going to have or the controversy it was going to arouse. Not even that it was going to be investigated by its own center, where they consider it inappropriate for these types of videos to be made inside the workplace and in a uniform.

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