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The world of culture “at war against barbarism”

A sign I am Samuel, in front of the college of Conflans. – BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

  • Samuel Paty, professor of geo history, was beheaded this Friday in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine, after showing his students caricatures of Muhammad published in the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo.
  • “By the odious assassination of Samuel Paty, a professor who defended freedom of expression, it is also French culture which has been attacked”, declared the Minister of Culture, Roselyne Bachelot on Twitter.
  • From Omar Sy to the Goncourt academy via Philippe Val, many personalities from culture and the media have reacted on social networks.

Like the rest of France, the world of culture and the media is in shock. “By the odious assassination of Samuel Paty, a professor who defended freedom of expression, it is also French culture which has been attacked”, declared the Minister of Culture,
Roselyne Bachelot on Twitter. And to continue: “He taught that caricature is part of our culture. We will continue this fight. “While a national tribute must take place this Tuesday, many artists and personalities have defended on social networks the idea that culture and” the school of the Republic “are ramparts against” barbarism “. Anthology.

“This is not a ‘war of civilizations’. It is a war of barbarism against civilization ”, commented the journalist, writer, and former director of Charlie Hebdo Philippe Val, in the columns of the Sunday newspaper, who recalled that “most of us owe a few teachers to lay the first stones for our personal construction.

“Fighting obscurantism by stimulating the debate of ideas”

The Goncourt Academy wished to express “its deep emotion, its indignation, its deep sadness and its anger”, solemnly in an official press release. “Samuel Paty died because he tried to fight obscurantism by provoking the debate of ideas within his classes. Samuel Paty died for having held high what founds our society, our State and our Republic, namely the exercise of critical thinking, freedom of expression and opinion, the awakening of consciences, the promotion of humanist ideas. », Write the jurors of Drouant.

And to continue: “Samuel Paty was delivered by some to the vindictiveness of the illuminated, to the bloodthirsty hatred of ignorant fanatics, and this even because he lived and did his job in our country, in one of our cities, in one of our schools. Samuel Paty died as a teacher and it is therefore through him all the teachers that the Islamists tried to kill. “

“The classroom is a sanctuary”

“The classroom is a sanctuary and you should never break it”, also stressed Yassine Belattar, born in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine. “That a parent of a student is indignant on the networks failing to speak about it with the professor concerned,” tells a time. (…) What have we done wrong to make you believe that attacking a teacher like this is a solution? I am ashamed, not of what I did, but I would be ashamed to do nothing, ”asks the comedian of the Golden Comedy Club.

“I am French of Muslim faith and my indignation is similar or even more important than yours”, he wrote, before inviting “the French of Muslim faith not to justify themselves but to protest. »« To be silent is to let it happen. You have to be fair and firm with those who want to separate the French and there are some on both sides. (…) So let’s quickly repair this relationship, it is a serious injury but we will recover… together obviously, ”concludes Yassine Belattar.

“What world do we live in? », Asks the singer M. Pokora, who addresses on Twitter “a thought for our teachers everywhere in France. You are so important to us. THANK YOU “

“Our republic and our critical sense are based on transmission”

“Devastated, shocked and dismayed by the murder of Samuel Paty. The freedom of thought inscribed on the pediment of our republic and our critical sense are based on the transmission and acquisition of knowledge. », Tweeted Jamy Gourmaud, the ex-host of This is not rocket science.

“Yes you have to learn. Say everything, teach everything at school. Secularism, freedom of expression, the values ​​on which our Republic is founded. You have to be intractable. Bravo to all these teachers who fulfill this essential mission every day, heroes, ”added the host. Christophe Beaugrand.

Journalists Leïla Kaddour and Ali Baddou also used the hashtag #jesuisprof to proclaim their love of “the school of the Republic”. “The child of the school of the Republic that I am has a heavy heart”, summarizes Leïla Kaddour. “I like the school of the Republic more than ever,” insisted Ali Baddou.

“Fanaticism is a monster”

Many personalities have used quotes from great authors to express their emotion. The actor Omar Sy | shared a quote from the philosopher Voltaire, which is still, alas, topical: “Fanaticism is a monster that dares to call itself the son of religion. “

The chronicler of 28 Minutes on Arte,
Xavier Mauduit chose an extract from the correspondence of the historian Marc Bloch to his colleague Lucien Febvre, dated May 10, 1941: “We fought for a long time in concert, for a larger and more human history. The common task, as I write, is under great threat. “

Michele Laroque used the words of the poet Paul Eluard: “Everything is to say everything and words fail me. »The writer
Laurent Binet selected a quote from the author of The Shipwreck of Civilizations, Amin Maalouf: “I did not want to believe that fate had given birth to me in a house already destined to be desolate. “

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