Saturday, October 24

The town of Vergèze announces the end of bullfights on its territory

A fighting bull during a bullfight. Drawing. – Superstock / Superstock / Sipa

The city of Vergeze, in the Gard, announced the end of the practice of bullfighting on its territory. “There is no question here of discussing the prohibition of bullfighting and in no case of passing a moral or philosophical judgment on this practice,” explains Mayor Pascale Fortunat-Deschamps. Bullfights are legal, everyone is free to enjoy them, attend them or not. The arenas of this commune of Gard welcomed aficionados every year during the spring.

These are officially security reasons that motivate this decision. “These férias today generate too many and too heavy constraints for a municipality such as ours. The town hall evokes an accident that occurred in 2018. It “demonstrated our inadequacies in safely organizing this type of event”.

Anger of bullfighting associations

The Rhôny feria will be replaced by a festive bullfighting weekend, with Camargue races, swimming bulls, horse shows, abrivados, bandidos and even encierros on the menu. It will be without the Fiesta Brava bullfighting club thus decided to “withdraw from all bullfighting activities in the village”. This decision of the new municipal team causes many reactions within a city located about twenty kilometers west of Nîmes, against a backdrop of the defense of traditions.

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