Saturday, October 31

The science behind the sound of electric cars

Believe it or not, electric cars are so quiet that they have to make artificial sounds to keep pedestrians safe, but also to evoke performance in the cabin.

At the brands of the group Volkswagen, we do not take this question lightly.

In Audi, we are about to start production of the e-tron GT, a high performance electric car that will be built in the same factory as the powerful Audi R8.

During a recent presentation of the vehicle, the journalist from Car guide Gabriel Gélinas had the opportunity to learn more about the engineering surrounding the sound of this new 100% electric car.

During this new podcast episode Driving, broadcast on QUB radio, Gabriel Gélinas explains all this and gives his impressions of what he could see (and hear!) In connection with the Audi e-tron GT.

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