Tuesday, October 27

The rebound of Vox slows down the PP and gives Sanchez air, according to the poll published tonight by El Español

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Political polarization sponsored by Pedro Sánchez auparía Vox up to an electoral result higher than that obtained the last time he entered Congress, slowing down the rise of the Popular Party and thus giving a respite to PSOE and United We Can, parties that make up the coalition government.

The survey that EL ESPAÑOL publishes tonight in the Edition states that the positive inertia of the popular ones would be stopped in its tracks by the rebound of Vox, which increases two percentage points compared to the last survey published by this medium. In this way, Santiago Abascal’s party comes strong to the week in which it presents the motion of censure.

Further, We can would take a breath of air after having obtained last August the worst intention to vote since he arrived in the Congress of Deputies in 2015. This, despite the recent indictment of Pablo Iglesias for three different crimes: discovery and disclosure of secrets aggravated by gender, computer damage and false report or simulation of crime.

The great victim of this block policy would be Citizens, which would obtain a result very similar to that of Albert Rivera when the Liberal party hit rock bottom.

Finally, another of the aspects to highlight in the survey carried out by Sociométrica for this newspaper is that peripheral nationalisms would be stronger than ever in the Congress of Deputies.

Of all of them, the electoral coalition led by Carles Puigdemont -JxCat- would be the one that would experience the most spectacular growth.

Will the block on the left or the one on the center-right add up more? Will Santiago Abascal’s party approach the overtaking to Pablo Casado? How far does the exponential growth that nationalist parties are experiencing? The complete data of the poll, with estimates of vote and seats, will be available in a few hours for subscribers of EL ESPAÑOL.


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