Thursday, October 22

The question of assets: How to get more short-time work benefits

Dhe number of employees on short-time work in Germany is falling – slowly but steadily. In September, 3.7 million workers were on short-time work; in May the number had been 7.3 million. At least that’s what surveys and calculations by the Ifo Institute in Munich show. However, the experts also point to major differences between different industries.

The short-time work allowance had already proven itself in the financial crisis. With it, low-order phases are bridged in order to be able to secure jobs. For employees without children it is currently 60 percent of the lost net salary. Anyone who has a son or daughter receives 67 percent. For all those who are at least 50 on short-time work, the proportion increases to 70 percent from the fourth month (with children 77 percent), from the seventh month onwards it is 80 or 87 percent. However, if the earnings in short-time work exceed the income threshold (6900 euros or 6450 euros per month), there is no short-time work allowance.

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