Wednesday, October 21

The PSOE qualifies as “party act” a tribute without the rest of the formations

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The PSOE has criticized this Sunday that the Community of Madrid I have not invited the rest of the representatives politicians to pay tribute to the victims of Covid-19 in Puerta del Sol, which has been described as “a party act”.

On Twitter, the PSOE deputy spokesperson in the Madrid Assembly, Jose Cepeda, has indicated that if the regional government wants to carry out such an act “that don’t use everyone’s institutions“.

“Carrying out acts without the representatives of the people of Madrid, is a declaration of principles,” said Cepeda, who stressed that the PSOE will continue working to “avoid more victims”.

In the act, in which a plaque placed on the facade of the Royal Post Office in honor of those who died from Covid-19 was discovered, the Madrid president, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has asked “dialogue” and “common policies” to the central government of Pedro Sánchez.

“The people of Madrid in memory of the victims of Covid-19 and especially to those who died alone“is the text on the plaque, located next to the one dedicated to those killed in the 11-M attacks, another of those historical moments, Ayuso recalled, which hit the capital the hardest.

The event was attended by the entire regional Executive, in addition to the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, and the vice mayor, Begoña Villacís.

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