Monday, October 26

The PP will present its proposal to the CGPJ this Monday, which will be “incompatible” with that of Sánchez

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Tomorrow the Popular Party will register in Congress a “new normative proposal” for the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, which will propose that the judges be elected by the judges themselves and which will be “incompatible” with the one presented by the coalition government .

The Popular Group spokesperson in the Senate, Javier Maroto, has announced this decision in a statement released from Segovia after meeting with members of the PP Steering Committee of the province.

Regarding the new proposal, he has anticipated that it will follow “a model similar to the one followed by workers with their union representatives” and has clarified that this “leaves Podemos out”, since this party has shown “with facts” that it is not what that the Popular Party understands as “a state party.”

Calvo: “The PP lies”

For her part, the first vice president of the Government, Carmen Calvo, this Sunday accused the PP of “confuse, lie and disturb” citizens with the reform of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ).

In his speech at a Progressive Breakfast organized by the PSOE of Castilla-La Mancha, he described as “absolutely unacceptable” the controversy that the PP has sown with this reform when “no one is considering changing how men and women come to be judges.”

“We have the most rigorous system in Europe, by merit and capacity, through opposition and rigorous training. Nobody has touched that, nobody is going to touch it,” Calvo said.

For this reason, he has reproached the PP for dedicating “to misinform, to disturb” with this body to “confuse in Europe”.

“There is no right for the PP to do this to Spain. There is no right when it is a blocking minority. Who has given the PP a right to block that does not exist so that this body is constituted according to criteria of the Constitution ? Is this the party that is going to defend the constitutional pact? “Calvo wondered.

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