Friday, October 23

The paparazzi captured the bikini of Sean Combs’ girlfriend and also all her flirty tattoos | The NY Journal

Jennifer Lopez’s ex-boyfriend lived a romantic day at the beach with this beautiful Australian model

Sean Combs He decided to live a delicious day at the beach with his girlfriend, the Australian model Tina Louise. Many images appeared from this meeting, thanks to the fact that the paparazzi found them at their best to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

However, something that did not go unnoticed is the bikini that Tina wore, which exposed how her body has been a canvas for interesting tattoos.

The couple, on the other hand, seems to be totally empathetic, since at all times they were seen to be affectionate, chatting animatedly and smiling with total freedom, without realizing that the paparazzi were harassing them.

Model Tina Louise is caught with her beloved Sean Combs. / The Grosby Group

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