Sunday, October 25

The next 48 hours are key to financial aid of $ 1,200 | The NY Journal

The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy pelosi (California), continues negotiations with the Government of the President Donald trump on the new economic stimulus package against the coronavirus, but has set a limit: 48 hours.

The spokesperson for the Democrat, Drew Hammill, He pointed out that the differences should be resolved in that period, this after a dialogue by telephone on Saturday night with the Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin.

Hammill said that between Pelosi and Mnuchin there were advances on the conditions of the new package, but Democrat insists on the need for a national COVID-19 testing and tracing plan, which helps reduce the “disproportionate impact on communities of color,” including Latinos and Blacks.

“There remain a number of additional differences as we progress in readiness … that need to be comprehensively addressed in the next 48 hours”Hammill said. “The White House must make decisions to show that the Administration is serious about reaching a bipartisan agreement that provides assistance to Americans in greatest need during the pandemic.”

Pelosi and Mnuchin have been negotiating the new stimulus package for several days, after President Trump regretted his abrupt decision to cancel the talks by stating that he would win the presidency and pass a “great plan” of aid.

The Trump Administration advocates a $ 1.8 trillion dollar proposal And while the Democrat is willing to cut part of the $ 2.2 billion bill passed in the House, she defends funding for state and local governments.

President Trump’s new project maintains aid at $ 1,200 per person, but increases support per child to $ 1,000.

Even if it manages to settle the disagreements with the Democrats, the Trump Administration will face the challenge of convincing the Republicans in the Senate, including the Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), who said that he does not support the $ 1.8 billion plan, while several of his colleagues consider it excessive.

McConnell has his own strategy, as he will vote next week on an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program and a $ 500 billion aid package, something he had already tried without success.

Talks between Pelosi and Mnuchin are expected to continue on Monday, as the election clock ticks and Congress is trapped in a partial recession with multiple spaces competing on November 3.

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