Wednesday, October 28

The man Frida Sofía and Alejandra Guzmán fought for now wants to be a singer | The NY Journal

After Christian estrada caused a stir because of the relationship he had with Frida sofia A long time ago, he has now been crowned as one of the most famous gallants of social networks, because his participation in Guerreros 2020 caused a furor and more because he fell in love with Ferka. Exclusively for Grupo Cantón, the ex of the daughter of Alejandra Guzman He confessed that now he is preparing to act and to release an album.

“Guerreros 2020 was an unforgettable experience, the producer Magda Rodríguez called me to enter the reality show, I did not think twice and that I am coming to Mexico. I didn’t do casting, but I showed that I could compete, I even came out with a nickname, since I’m from Sinaloa they nicknamed me El Sina… And also with a girlfriend, Ferka ”.

The young man confessed that he is still preparing. “Of course I would like to get into a great production, that’s what I’m doing, with acting, in fact I’d like to play it as a villain. It is clear to me that reality made me more popular.

The model assured that they invent gossip. “People discovered who Christian really is, I showed them that I am a sportsman and that all the bad things they spoke about me were pure baseless defamations …”said the Sinaloan.

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