Wednesday, October 21

The exact moment when Miss Tanga’s dental floss falls out in Colombia | The NY Journal

The name of Linda Luz Correa rose to fame this week for a very embarrassing moment. The model that participates in the Colombian contest Miss thong lost her bikini bottom while making a video to promote the event.

The Barranquilla representative took to the streets with a small black bikini and did a photo session. Everything was going normally, until the dressing room accident came to the disbelief of the passers-by.

“Look, my panties fell off”, the long-haired girl said with a laugh.

“Hello, my loves, I want all my Barranquilla to support me, because here is Miss Tanga 20-21”she said, while her friend, who describes herself as a logistics coordinator for a production agency, recorded the video.

The funny thing is that the happy friend never warned Linda Luz that her private parts were visible, while she was recording her message.

Some Colombian entertainment shows have doubted that it is an accident, as they suggest that it was Linda Luz herself who untied her thong.

“That is absolutely a lie,” he told the press in his country.

The model shares hot photos on her social networks.

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