Tuesday, October 27

The American presidential election? Clemenceau understood everything!

In articles published in Time, shortly after the Civil War, the young Georges Clemenceau describes from New York … Trump’s America! Visionary.

“It takes bloodshed for the brutal side of human nature to find its account in this great carnival overflow.” Surprisingly timely, this biting observation about the US presidential election is not that of a reporter covering a meeting of Donald Trump, but sinks under the sharp pen of young Georges Clemenceau … here are more than one hundred and fifty years.

The future President of the Council landed in the United States in September 1865 aboard a steamer from Liverpool. Aged 24, with a medical degree in hand, he has no specific goal. Curious about everything, he improvises himself as a journalist, helped by an unparalleled sense of observation. The young man is served by “the news”: in 1868, the Democratic President Andrew Johnson is the subject of an impeachment procedure – which fails in the Senate, with one vote -, the same year, the candidate of his camp lost the election to Republican Ulysses Grant, chief of staff of the Union troops during the Civil War.

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