Friday, October 23

Sweets before vegetables

Small monsters and large zombies will be able to spend Halloween. This is good news for those who have no fear of “the one whose name is not to be spoken.” But times remain tough for all fans of what we call consistency.

Certainly, this is a party for young people. They will be happy. And if the children are happy, the parents will be happy. Maintaining this event will surely have a positive effect on the troops. This will help “control” popular discontent and maintain some political popularity.

For October 31, the government is giving us a candy.

However, it tastes bitter.

Commercial Party Halloween is “the second most spending holiday after Christmas by Canadians, with almost $ 1 billion in purchases of candy, costumes and other decorations.” The five largest candy companies sell 55,000 tonnes of candies and chocolates during this period. In short, it is above all a big party in honor of overconsumption. As my colleague says Claude Villeneuve, “People still can’t go to their parents or entertain their friends, but they can go to work and shop. We have the right to spend, but not to socialize. ”

My three children will therefore be able to roam the neighborhood, pick up sweets from around fifty neighbors and bring this treasure home.

A good idea? Seems questionable to me. I have some unease with the message sent to the population … and I have some unease with the inconsistency of this decision when I see all the restrictions at school.

I’m told I can get through Halloween, but I still can’t burn calories playing sports. I still can’t do extracurricular activities or even go on field trips. In the red zone, we stay in our class.

Painful waste In the fall, several schools in my region organize an outing to The Solidarity Harvesters.

Do you know this humanitarian project?

“In 2006, on the farmland of its property, the non-profit organization Défi Jeunesse Québec, in partnership with Moisson Québec, put forward a market garden production project to meet the growing needs of food banks. , while involving and promoting the residents of the center. ” This organization has three missions:

  • Develop an alternative supply of fresh vegetables for the benefit of food banks;
  • Increase, in volume and over a longer period of the year, the consumption of vegetables among people living in poverty;
  • Help people in difficulty to reintegrate their place in society through agricultural work.

Each year, groups of students volunteer to harvest vegetables. An outing, boots – and hands – in the earth … A physical effort that warms the soul. Young people have the satisfaction of seeing the results of their work. They develop qualities such as empathy, collaboration, respect, sharing, mutual aid and solidarity.

Not this fall.

I spoke with Mr. Lussier, the director general of the center. The end of field trips hurts his body. Collecting all the vegetables is a colossal challenge with more than 700 ghost students in its fields. In a context where food banks are already suffering, this is a real tragedy.

Teaching and socializing is a big part of the school’s mission. It starts in a classroom, but it continues with field trips and extracurricular activities. Allowing certain outings capable of helping the development of great values ​​in our students seems to me a minimum. Even in the red zone.

Many adults are asking young people to make sacrifices in these times of a pandemic. It’s good to tell them. It would be even better to make them understand with a little volunteer work.

Therein lies the lack of consistency.

It’s safe to pick up and eat treats, but you can’t pick vegetables to help those who are food insecure.


Les Moissonneurs Solidaires needs you!

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