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Sounds like a goat: Bohlen feels reminded of ex-wife Verona by the newcomer to the jury

TV show “Das Supertalent”: “Sounds like a goat”: Bohlen feels reminded of ex-wife Verona by the newcomer to the jury

Jury newcomer Evelyn Burdecki almost explodes Dieter Bohlen right at the start of the new season of “Das Supertalent”. The reason why the pop titan’s short fuse is already burning is a commonality between Burdecki and his ex-wife.

Quite a lot new: For the 14th season of “Das Supertalent”, RTL granted its backstage presenter Daniel Hartwich reinforcement: Victoria Swarovski is now changing fronts after her one-time jury assignment (2016) and is allowed to secrete empty phrases behind the stage: “I’m already sweating ! ” – “I was blown away!” – “I thought you were great!”

Half of the front of the desk has been completely redone – almost traditionally. Comedian Chris Tall sits next to Bruce Darnell (who is here for the eleventh time). Ex-jungle queen Evelyn Burdecki takes place next to veteran Dieter Bohlen. While Bruce (“I love you, Chris!”) And Chris (“I love you too, we have the same sense of humor”) got along very well right away, Dieter and Evelyn simmered. Well, actually only with Dieter, Evelyn doesn’t notice anything about it in her own naive world.

Bohlen compares Evelyn with his ex-wife Verona

It’s not easy for the pop titan either. Evelyn reminds him purely acoustically of an ex. “Whenever I hear Evelyn’s voice, I think the Feldbusch is sitting next to me!” That can get to the mind and nerves! Bohlen did not let go of the subject. “Have you always spoken like that?” He asked. Evelyn Burdecki, wonderfully inexperienced even in efforts: “I used to be in the children’s choir until 13. Bohlen, on the verge of bewilderment: “If we were both married … eieiei! I think you’d still beat Verona!” That would mean something, after all, the Bohlen-Feldbusch marriage in 1996 only lasted a month!

And Evelyn? In the complete absence of any sense of nuances, she asked with interest: “But Verona’s voice is higher, isn’t it?” Bohlen: “I don’t know anymore. I don’t have that in my head anymore. It took me years to get that out of there.” Burdecki: “Something lovely in the voice is better than something so deep.” Bohlen, finally annoyed: “That’s not lovely, it sounds like a goat!”

Chris Tall is passionate about comedy candidates

Apart from that: Bohlen tried to make the start easier for Evelyn Burdecki. Explained what the headphones are for and what about the golden buzzers. But at some point the “bad uncle Dieter” (Dieter about Dieter) also bursts the collar. When Evelyn missed her mission when introducing a candidate, the senior juror folded her: “Hey, man, Evelyn, there is your name, you have to read it out, heavenly sacrament!” That can still be quite funny between the jury titan and the “Feldbusch in Evelyn form”!

Two candidates ensured that it was also fun on stage. The clown Peter Shub (“I’m like a doctor and my medicine is comedy!”) Excited because he produced huge laughs with little things like a coat hanger. Bruce Darnell (and at the same time blindly understanding Chris) threw themselves away the whole time. Shub got standing ovations and four yeses, as did Elastic, the comedian from Belgium. Its opener with an elastic band was so funny that Bruce Darnell didn’t calm down until Elastic repeated it! His jokes with the plush fabric beaver Flippo (Evelyn: “Oh how cute! Is that real?”) Drove the audience (sitting at a safe distance) to their feet. And Chris Tall too: He pressed his golden buzzer (“It couldn’t get any funnier!”) And promoted Elastic straight to the final.

Evelyn assists the illusionist André

Dieter Bohlen has his problems with Evelyn Burdecki. Others even trust her with their lives! The illusionist André Blake from Nuremberg literally put his life in Evelyn’s hands. These held cords with which she could loosen five swords floating over Blake (and let them fall down on him). Problem, according to the artist: “Four are quite harmless. But one is fatal!” Burdecki preferred to ask: “Can something really happen to you?” André: “Yes!” Evelyn: “I hope I’m well insured.”

Everyone was worried about André Blake, but things went well, and Evelyn miraculously did not pull the deadly sword. “If I had decided otherwise, would you be dead?” André smiling: “Yes, exactly!” Bohlen with painstaking patience as an angel: “Evelyn, that is an illusionist. He is showing us something. That was a trick.” You could say a lot about Evelyn, but she remains true to herself: “No matter what the others say: It was real for me. I will dream that the knife will stab him and it is my fault.”

Yarima’s performance brings tears to Chris and Bruce’s eyes

Of course, the magician from the Noris (Chris: “You’re Franke? But you speak really good German.”) Four yeses and keeps his chance at the final. This also applies to the three “Bello Sisters” (Bohlen truthfully: “You are a feast for the eyes!”) And their gymnastic artistry (Chris Tall: “I always thought: What if my leg breaks now?”), The “Catwall Acrobats “and their furious show on their folding giant trampoline and the” Urban Theory Crew “and their fantastic” Tutting “performance.

The solo acrobatics of 14-year-old Yarima Gerstenhöfer, who follows the motto “Make your dreams come true, keep going!” managed an actobatics choreo all by himself. Not only was her mom crying backstage, but Chris (and Bruce) were also moved to pee in their eyes. In the end, Yarima cried a little too – with happiness over four yeses.

Eight red buzzers in one show – record breaking

The puppet artist Rénald Zapata also received four yeses, as did Dave Kaufmann, who was returning. He was fourth in the final in 2009. Also this time he convinced with his singing and got four green buzzers.

Eight red buzzers – and that is unique – were first given to Guido Kaufmann and later to his girlfriend. Their dance (attempt) with self-made Dieter Bohlen dolls each produced the “no” at record speed. Bohlen: “You can at least say ‘Yeey, we got eight red buzzers!’. Not everyone can do that.” There were also four tough no’s for Emanuela and her mix of martial arts and dance. In any case, it is harder than the edge of your hand: It failed because of the “thinnest plate available in the hardware store” (Bohlen).

And last but not least, Andrey Vovk was eliminated. Although he really gave rubber – because he juggled car tires! The jury headbanged to “Highway to Hell”, the audience went with them – everything went well. But Dieter didn’t like it (“Nothing new. The next one throws up three banens and you celebrate him!”), And with that the mood changed. Only Chris stuck to his convinced yes, the others fell over. Total enthusiasm and yet an end for the artist? The audience booed. Namely the jury out!

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